Flame Purifies All

The painting that must be burned.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill 3 puzzle.

The "Flame Purifies All" Puzzle is a Silent Hill 3 puzzle encountered by Heather Mason in the Hilltop Center while in the Otherworld. Located in the Gallery of Fine Arts, a specific picture must be burned to proceed in the game. The said image features a being similar to the Incubator with the caption "Flame Purifies All: By these remains may a person find the road to Paradise." On Easy and Normal difficulties, a junior high school chemistry book can be used as a hint of how to solve it, but is absent on Hard. The depicted central figure is probably a reference to Japanese solar goddess Amaterasu.



Heather burns the painting.

The puzzle is primarily a test of either scientific knowledge or the player's ability to decide what may occur via tossing seemingly pointless objects together. In the Otherworld, a previously unoccupied canvas will be replaced with the painting, and below it a simple bucket is found. In order to burn the painting, the player must combine the pork liver, the oxydol, and the matchbook inside the bucket, revealing a rectangular passage behind the former image.

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