I told you, J... we have business.

Aaron is an undead soldier seen in Among the Damned. Killed in an ambush on his military unit, Aaron now haunts his former best friend through the streets of Silent Hill.


In life, Aaron was Jason's best friend and, as far as Jason was concerned, his only family. The pair enlisted together and were assigned to the same unit. When an attack commenced on his unit, Aaron and every other soldier, save Jason, was killed in the capture.

Jason suffered from survivor's guilt and decided to take his own life, but got stuck in Silent Hill on the way to the location he chose to die at. It was as Jason struggled to escape that Aaron is introduced.

Among the Damned


Aaron as he saves Jason from the creatures of Silent Hill.

Aaron first appears to beat back a horde of monsters that have set upon Jason and a wounded Dahlia. Buying Jason time to escape with Dahlia, the undead soldier tells his friend he's gotten a free pass... for now.

Aaron is seen again some days later, this time with he and Jason's former platoon in tow. Trailing his former friend and Dahlia, Aaron makes the cryptic claim that he and Jason have business to attend to. Refusing to give up, Jason grabs hold of Dahlia and seeks shelter in a nearby church, but not before he unloads a few rounds into Aaron and his former platoon mates. Aaron is unfazed by the shots and simply tells Jason that he's always been a fool. None of the undead soldiers attempt to go into the church after him, however.

Little time elapses before Jason runs out of the church. Aaron stands over his former friend and reiterates that they have business to see to. Aaron makes it known to Jason that he was the one who was supposed to have survived the attack on their unit, with the attack having been a way of garnering support for an unpopular war effort. Aaron, however, felt Jason was a much better person than he or any other member of their unit. With this in mind, he gave up his own life so that Jason could live, and he was able to persuade Jason to keep living.


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