About Tarot

The book on tarot.

About Tarot is a book found in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason is able to find it at the chapel's library, alongside another book, Silent Hill's Ancient Gods: A Study of Their Etymology and Evolution. As the name says, it is an explanatory text about tarot.


"Tarot was based on the 22 Hebrew
consonants and is said to represent
the entire world.
Each card, numbered 0 through 21,
has a particular meaning.
By reading these cards,
fortunetellers predict the future.
For example, the first card, 'The
Magician', signifies creation, wisdom,
beginnings, or destruction and fraud.
The second card, 'The High Priestess',
denotes intuition, harmony, faith, or
dogmatism and arrogance.
According to some texts, the
Gardner deck had more than 22
cards. (The Gardner deck does not
exist today; it is mentioned only in
the literature.)
It is said that these extra cards were
based on lost Hebrew vowels and
denoted an otherworldly,
transcendental existence: i.e., God."


Cartas del Tarot

The tarot cards.

This book about tarot acts as the explanation for the Tarot Card Puzzle and also explicates the existence of the mysterious "Eye of Night" tarot card. In the Book of Lost Memories, the creators of the series also use this principle to assign each tarot card to a character or element of the series.


Card Number Name Alternate Name Symbolizes
0 The Fool Heather Mason
I The Magician Valtiel
II The High Priestess Claudia Wolf
III The Empress Alessa Gillespie
IV The Emperor Visual concept
V The Hierophant The Pope Important items
VI The Lovers Love
VII The Chariot Symbols
VIII Strength Fortitude The power of Silent Hill
IX The Hermit Sound effects
X The Wheel of Fortune Rebirth
XI Justice Letter from Silent Heaven
XII The Hanged Man Douglas Cartland
XIII Death Holes
XIV Temperance Keys and doors
XV The Devil Monsters
XVI The Tower The Order
XVII The Star Allusions
XVIII The Moon Vincent
XIX The Sun Extra category
XX Judgement Judgment Pyramid Head
XXI The World The Otherworld
XXII The Eye of Night The God
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