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The memo.

About the Monster in the Water is a memo Heather Mason finds in Silent Hill 3. The memo is found in an office/surveillance room near the end of the underpass. It is connected to the Bloodsucker-like monster that resides in the following room, which Heather must eliminate by throwing a hair dryer into the water.


"There's a monster in the water. The
bastard's killed 2 of my buddies.
I should never have doubted that
old urban legend about alligators
in the sewers. That was no myth.
But no one believes me. They were
drunk and slipped? We're not that
damn stupid.
Even calling it a monster isn't quite
right. This is something else. All I
know is... something's in there.
I'm going in now to beat that thing's
head in. If you find this note,
consider it my will.
Revenge is futile -- or so you may
think, reading this. But Jose and
Jaime were my best buddies.
Wish I knew how to do the deed.
Guns won't work underwater.
Even my famous knifework won't
do much. If only I had a hand
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