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Abstract Daddy, also known as the Ideal father, is a monster found in claustrophobic areas of Silent Hill, Maine, appearing in Silent Hill 2. The creature is first encountered as a boss fight in the Labyrinth, later resurfacing as a less durable enemy type in the hallways of the Lakeview Hotel in the Otherworld. Seen from the point of view of James Sunderland, it serves as both an abstract manifestation of Angela Orosco's sexual trauma and the memories of James's terminally ill wife.


Growing up as a child, Angela suffered horrific sexual abuse from her father and brother. Timid and severely traumatized as a result, Angela eventually stabbed her father in the throat after a failed attempt to run away from home. However, her actions left her in an intense state of guilt and self-blame. As she contemplated suicide, her damaged psyche drew her to the town of Silent Hill, Maine, where the darkest parts of her psyche were manifested into monsters and nightmarish delusions made real by the town.

Meanwhile, other individuals with darkness in their hearts became drawn to the town as well. James came to the town searching for his wife Mary, whom he had believed died three years earlier from her terminal illness, until he received a mysterious letter, instructing him to find her in Silent Hill. As James went deeper and deeper into his delusions, his nightmare eventually crossed with Angela's, where he encountered the Abstract Daddy creatures.

Appearance and symbolism

Only Angela knows what she sees, her Abstract Daddy. James, players and I can't see what she sees. We are on the James's side. And who can say Abstract Daddy which James see is the same as hers?
Masahiro Ito [1]

Abstract Daddy is a creature resembling two figures intertwined in a reclining sex-like position over a bed frame, trapped in this position by the flesh covering its body.[1][2] It is a manifestation of the trauma Angela sustained from the sexual abuse by her father and brother, seen abstractly through the psyche of James Sunderland.[3] The lower sphere head of the monster represents Angela and the pain that was inflicted on her. Because it manifested from her subconscious, James does not see it in the same way that she does. Creature designer Masahiro Ito added that "James will never know drowning her in the sea of flame."[4] To James, the frame of the creature was influenced by his memories of Mary when she was bedridden. This contributed to it resurfacing in the Lakeview Hotel, where the two of them had stayed on vacation before her disease.[5][6][7][8] Although Ito chooses to leave Angela's version of the Abstract Daddy to the player's imagination,[7] he believes that it is more disturbing than what James fought.[9] He stated that if they depicted the monster from her perspective, she would not have been as fascinating as a character.[10]

The room of the boss fight likely represents Angela's uterus or womb. On the fleshy walls of the room are orifices, within which pistons make thrusting motions, akin to sexual intercourse. These further evoke Angela's perspective of her rape: a mechanical, inescapable experience. It is possible every piston is symbolic of how many times she was molested (23).

The stretched "skins" on the walls of the staircase.

The meaning of the two frames containing humanoid torsos, encased in stretched skin, in the Lakeview Hotel staircase is synchronized with the meaning of the Abstract Daddy. The figures in the frames represent Angela's father and brother, respectively.[11] It is possible that James saw the staircase itself differently from Angela.[12]



Abstract Daddy boss

James facing Abstract Daddy.


Silent Hill 2 - Man Crying In Hotel

James facing the monster in the hotel.

The Abstract Daddy attacks by standing up and putting James's head into its slit. When this occurs, repeatedly tapping X button.png/A button.png and wiggling the analog stick will get it off faster and lessen his damage.

Because these attacks require close contact with its prey, and due to the cramped conditions of the room, it's wise to run from end to end diagonally and fire at it with the shotgun once, then run to the other end. Doing so will result in little to no damage. The rifle can also be used, and its power surpasses that of the shotgun, but firing it makes James stall longer, giving the beast the opportunity to attack and is therefore not recommended for novice players. Once the player inflicts enough damage upon the creature, it will fall and deflate, deceased.

The monsters in the Lakeview Hotel differ from the boss version. These move much faster, but are much easier to kill, taking only two shotgun blasts to knock down. They also do not attack unless provoked.


"Childhood Trauma" achievement.

  • The Abstract Daddy is only encountered by James in the Otherworld.
  • The form and the symbolism of this monster are very similar to the creature of André Masson's painting "The Pianotaure" (1937).
  • Defeating Abstract Daddy in the Silent Hill HD Collection awards the trophy/achievement "Childhood Trauma".
  • When Masahiro Ito was asked, "Was it intentional design to have Abstract Daddy show up again in the hotel?", he replied, "No."[13] When asked why there were so many Abstract Daddies in the hotel, he replied, "Because it's the game."[14]



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