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A real-life acacia tree.

Acacia is a chapter in a plant encyclopedia that can be found by Maria in the Born from a Wish scenario from Silent Hill 2. The book is found on a coffee table in the lounge room, on the second floor of the Baldwin Mansion.

Acacia is a genus of evergreen trees which in the past has served as an important symbol of life and morality in many religious beliefs. It fits the common theme of rebirth, which is present during Maria's time in the Baldwin Mansion.


"A genus of evergreen trees of the
mimosa tribe of the pea family.
Its tiny flowers are yellow or white
and grow in clusters. Common
varieties include the 'gum tree'.

The Acacia tree is a potent symbol
in many religions across the world.
In Christianity it represents eternal
life and morality.

In Ancient Egypt it represented
purity and rebirth, while in ancient
Babylonia it was thought of as the
tree of the goddess Ishtar and was
a symbol of life.

It was also a holy tree to the
Ancient Jews, who built the sacred
Ark of the Covenant from it and
for whom it signified a peaceful
death and a release from grief."


  • Early ports with this sub-scenario have the misspelling "Covenenant".
  • It is possible that an essence of the acacia plant is an ingredient of the White Chrism.
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