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A character with accessories equipped.

Accessories are items that can be equipped to the protagonist in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. They can be purchased with Memory Residue from Howard's Shop. There are an additional 15 accessories in the Expansion Pack.

When equipped, accessories appear on the player's avatar. Accessories only provide cosmetic changes and do not provide stat bonuses when equipped.

List of Accessories


Name Image Description Location
Baseball Hat Sh bom baseball hat.jpg A baseball cap from a local sports team. Zone 1 Shop (600 MR)
Classy Fedora Sh bom classy fedora.jpg A small, classy hat with a shiny band. Zone 1 Shop (1,600 MR)
Cowboy Hat Sh bom cowboy hat.jpg A smooth Western hat made of fur-based felt. Zone 4 Shop (1,800 MR)
Infantry Helmet Sh bom infantry helmet.jpg A dusty, battered World War I era helmet. Zone 9 Shop (5,240 MR)
Top Hat Sh bom top hat.jpg A particularly dignified top hat. Zone 2 Shop (1,500 MR)
Tweed Hat Pic needed Description here Location needed
Pyramid Mask Sh bom pyramid mask.jpg A creepy, bolted metal helmet that seems familiar... Zone 9 Shop (6,660 MR)
Robbie Mask Sh bom robbie mask.jpg An oversized mask of the popular Lakeside Amusement Park mascot. Zone 22 Shop (4,805 MR)
Blue Robbie Mask Sh bom blue robbie mask.jpg A blue, bloody variant of of the popular theme park mascot. DLC (Howard's Shop) (3,000 MR)
Box Head Mask Sh bom box head mask.jpg A stained plate metal box from the popular videogame 'Violent Hell.' DLC (Howard's Shop) (8,000 MR)
Creature Head (Bubble Head Nurse mask) Sh bom creature head.jpg A gnarled, fleshy head resembling the nightmare creatures. DLC (Howard's Shop) (5,000 MR)
Jack-o-Lantern Mask Sh bom jack-o-lantern mask.jpg A full-head mask of a carved pumpkin with a devious expression. DLC (Howard's Shop) (830 MR)
Mira Head Sh bom mira head.jpg The cute, cartoonish head of a Shiba Inu dog. DLC (Howard's Shop) (10,000 MR)
Newsboy Cap PIC NEEDED Description needed DLC


Name Image Description Location
Face Restraint Sh bom face restraint.jpg A restraint mask for the lower face to prevent biting. Zone 1 Shop (120 MR)
Flashy Sunglasses Sh bom flashy sunglasses.jpg Expensive-looking sunglasses with solid silver frames. Zone 13 Shop (3,500 MR)
Gas Mask Sh bom gas mask.jpg An unsettling, WW2-era gas mask. Zone 19 Shop (6,200 MR)
Germ Mask Sh bom germ mask.jpg A small, fabric mask used to contain coughs and illnesses. Zone 16 Shop (700 MR)
Plague Mask Sh bom plague mask.jpg A strapped leather mask originally used during Europe's Black Death plague. Zone 18 Shop (9,005 MR)
Porcelain Mask Sh bom porcelain mask.jpg An unsettling, cracked mask made of porcelain. Zone 14 Shop (2,900 MR)
Princess Earmuffs Sh bom princess earmuffs.jpg Colorful earmuffs and antennae previously owned by Princess Heart. Zone 30 Shop (8,000 MR)
Spiral Sunglasses Sh bom spiral sunglasses.jpg Oversized sunglasses with hypnotic lenses. Zone 8 Shop (2,505 MR)
Steampunk Goggles Sh bom steampunk goggles.jpg A pair of leather and copper lenses from the mid-1800's. Zone 10 Shop (850 MR)
Sunglasses Sh bom sunglasses.jpg Classic sunglasses, cool enough to wear in the dark. Zone 7 Shop (900 MR)
Twin Mask Sh bom twin mask.jpg A haunting white mask reminiscent of a bloated baby's face. Zone 11 Shop (3,650 MR)
Eyeglasses PIC NEEDED Description needed Location needed
3D Shades Sh bom 3d shades.jpg A pair of red and blue sunglasses that allow the wearer to see in anaglyph 3D. DLC (Howard's Shop) (100 MR)
Bloody Knife Sh bom bloody knife.jpg A large butcher knife lodged in the skull of its wearer. DLC (Howard's Shop) (1,000 MR)
Cyber Mask Sh bom cyber mask.jpg A black and neon face mask typically worn at raves. DLC (Howard's Shop) (2,000 MR)
Heart Sunglasses Sh bom heart sunglasses.jpg A pair of sunglasses with lenses in the shape of hearts. DLC (Howard's Shop) (500 MR)
Joke Sunglasses Sh bom joke sunglasses.jpg A pair of comedically-oversized plastic sunglasses. DLC (Howard's Shop) (500 MR)
Cool Shades PIC NEEDED Description needed DLC
Square Glasses PIC NEEDED Description needed DLC
Thick Glasses PIC NEEDED Description needed DLC
Headphones PIC NEEDED Description needed DLC
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