Take this. They'll be drawn to the light but you won't be able to see without it.
—Adam to Rose Da Silva as he gives her a flashlight.

Adam is an original and minor character in the Silent Hill film. He is a member of a fanatical cult known as the Brethren, which is based in the town of Silent Hill, West Virginia. He is also a follower of the cult's leader, Christabella.


Adam is involved with a cult that has a long history of witch burnings. On November 1, 1974, the cult burns Alessa Gillespie in the Sacrificial Chamber, located within the Grand Hotel. A fire breaks out and reaches the coal mines beneath the town, causing a town wide evacuation. Alessa survives the ordeal and is taken to Brookhaven Hospital, where she splits her soul into a dark manifestation to exact her revenge. The Fog World and Otherworld are then created, and Adam and the rest of the Brethren are dragged into these worlds to be punished for their crimes. However, the cult has been able to avoid Alessa's revenge and deny responsibility for their actions for 30 years.

Silent Hill

It is only when Rose Da Silva arrives that she is able to finally allow Alessa to exact her revenge on the cultists. When Rose enters the church for the last time to confront the Brethren, Christabella stabs Rose with a dagger, and Alessa's dark essence finally gains entry into the church. She is able to overtake it and kill all the members of the Brethren.


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