Adam's Letter is a memo found in Silent Hill: Homecoming in the attic of the Shepherd home. After solving a puzzle, Alex Shepherd finds a map of Silent Hill and a letter from his father Adam Shepherd. The letter reveals the reasons behind the state of the town.


"I have failed, and they know it. They blame me. They should. I swore to protect this town, but I can’t. The streets decay before our eyes. The curse we always feared has come upon us. Worse yet, the Order has returned, kidnapping and killing with impunity. Brainwashing those they take in an effort to rebuild their flock.
Whether they want to punish us for the exodus of our forefathers - or simply breathe new life into the old ways, I don’t know. But they’ve taken our people. The only thing left is to face the source of this evil, to fight it, and pray that some hopes can be restored. My sole consolation is that I’ve finally opened my eyes to the evil in Silent Hill."
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