Come in, come in. You're here to help, yes? To bear witness?
—Aickmann to Doug Brenneman

Dr. Aickmann is a medical practitioner licensed through the Brookhaven Hospital, as seen in Hunger. He is instrumental in Whately's plan to bring Samael into the mortal realm.


At an unknown point prior to the events of Hunger, Whately contracts Aickmann into his services, as his expertise and medical knowledge are needed. Whately tasks Aickmann with finding and procuring a number of prospective women who are physically capable of bearing and nurturing the unborn forms of Samael, an Otherworldly entity, and his brethren.


Aickmann, though a medical doctor, is not without his demons. He and an unnamed nurse from his staff are known to engage in sexual role play and bondage, often times with Whately present and watching.

In addition to his sexual kinks, Aickmann craves attention in general. As madness begins to fall on Silent Hill on the eve of Samael's attempted birth, Aickmann kills an unknown number of people and plucks the eyes from their skulls. Stacking his gruesome trophies around his operating theater, the doctor makes sure all eyes are falling on him.


Journalist Douglas Brenneman first learns of Aickmann as he questions residents of Silent Hill about a mysterious, white-haired stranger he had encountered near the scene of a murder. Told the doctor is employed at Brookhaven Hospital, Douglas makes his way there and tries to question the receptionist about Aickmann, but with no luck.

As events unfold and the universe known as the Otherworld intertwines with Silent Hill, Douglas begins to suspect the death of his fiancee, Rosy. Searching, he finds her in the role of librarian at Silent Hill's public library. Confused over Douglas's identity, Rosy heads to the second floor of the library and beckons Doug to grab a file from her desk and follow. The file goes in-depth into Aickmann's questionable activities. Before he can pursue further questions, the woman Douglas had thought was Rosy transforms into a monster and attacks.

Running, Douglas returns to Brookhaven and looks for the doctor himself. Aickmann, sitting in his office with a dead nurse and numerous pairs of eyes stacked around him, welcomes Douglas with great enthusiasm. Douglas wastes no time in questioning the doctor about Rosy, and Aickmann, referring to Douglas only as "The Witness", is unsure of any of his "patients' " names, but is more than happy to share his story with Douglas.

The God, Samael, is to be born in Silent Hill. A woman, Aickmann elaborates, has been chosen and impregnated with this god and others are to follow. Because of this he was required to abduct additional specimens. The ultimate goal is for these divine entities to be born on Earth and cleanse the planet through fire. Douglas, unable to hold onto his fear and rage any longer, levels a shotgun in Aickmann's face and demands to know if Rosy is among these women.

Remembering, Aickmann claims a woman named Rosy was, in fact, not among his patients. Still enraged, Douglas prepares to fire his gun into the doctor's face, when Whately appears and intervenes. The doctor, explains Whately, is still a valued asset. With that, Whately and Douglas teleport out of Brookhaven Hospital, leaving Aickmann to his devices.

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