Alice Darling

Plaque at the entrance of the playground.

The Alice Darling Memorial Playground is a play area that Harry Mason has to cross twice during his search for his daughter in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Thanks to the GPS in Harry's phone, the player can see that it is located near the end of Bachman Road.

When first arriving to the area, Harry will have to jump over a fence in order to enter. Much like the rest of the town, the playground looks to be abandoned. It contains a dinosaur-shaped slide, a wagon-like structure and a broken swingset. A lot of graffiti art is written on the walls of the area, some of them referring to the "Dead Dog Posse". Located to the right of where Harry enters is a dumpster with a trashed bicycle discarded inside it, along with a teddy bear oddly attached to its spokes. In the wagon, Harry finds three empty soda cans or beer cans, depending on the player's Psych Profile. By shaking it, he obtains the key that opens the playground's door. Next to this door is a poster with the playground rules where someone has crossed out the smoking/drugs/alcohol prohibition.

Playground swingset

Ghostly swing.

Harry returns to this area after speaking with Cybil Bennett in Diner 52 or with the barmaid in Good Ol' Days. He remembers that he has his phone with him, and how to use it. Once again in the playground, Harry can now focus on a shadowy figure in the swingset and snap a photo of it with his phone.


Magic steps

Magic Steps

  • There is a disturbing poster of a dance school, "Magic Steps", on the wall near the swingset, showing six children with their eyes crossed out.
  • Near the swing is a teddy bear that looks like the one belonging to Cheryl that Harry had in the car when he crashed. The teddy bear's tie resembles the one worn by Dahlia Gillespie.
  • An unfinished Hangman game can be seen on the hopscotch portion of the playground. The word that is unfinished is a 6-letter word that begins with the letter S and ends with the letter R.
  • The name of one of the children with crossed out eyes from the dance school poster is Asia. This may be a subtle reference to Alessa as Asia was the first name the developers used for this character when they were working on Silent Hill.


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