All Hallows High School is where Heather Mason attends class since moving to a new home with her father. The exact location of the school is unknown, however, it must not be far from Silent Hill, West Virginia, considering Vincent Cooper and Heather only drive a few hours to reach the town later in the film.

Silent Hill: Revelation

On Heather's first day in the school, her teacher prompts Heather to give an introduction of herself, which she expresses distaste for initially but soon decides to do so once a female peer teases her. Despite Heather voicing her desire to have no connections with anyone as she's certain she'll only end up moving again, she first meets Vincent Cooper here, who makes numerous attempts to befriend her.

The Otherworld is witnessed inside of the school, during a class change once the rest of the students have moved on. Heather observes a young girl being pushed and ridiculed by her classmates, a memory of the bullying endured by Alessa Gillespie, Heather's true form. The children then turn to face Heather, seemingly recognizing her as an aspect of Alessa.


An Armless Man in the Otherworld.

Once the Otherworld fully takes over, the school becomes dark, smoky, dilapidated and abandoned. Heather hallucinates an armless man monster wobbling further down the hallway, but is snapped back to reality by Vincent grasping her shoulders. She then finds what she thought was a monster was merely a boy fleeing to class. Following Heather's first day, the school is not re-visited.


Images of All Hallows High School

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