Altered police report found in the Public Records Office.

The Altered Police Report memo from Silent Hill: Origins can be found in the Public Records Office. It refers to the incident of the burning Gillespie house that Travis Grady enters at the beginning of the game in order to save Alessa Gillespie. Although Travis is shown to have passed out on the ground next to Alessa after he carries her outside to safety, there is no mention of Travis in the report, nor does the report mention where Alessa was found when the fire fighters arrived. According to the report, Alessa was declared dead at the scene by Dr. Michael Kaufmann, pending a death certificate and coroner's report.

It also states her mother, Dahlia Gillespie, arrived to identify the body; the report does not question why Dahlia was present at the scene and unharmed by the fire (in spite of her daughter being trapped inside), nor does it question her apparent lack of any attempt to rescue her child.

Although the original report hints that the fire was due to arson, rather than being accidental, the first paragraph is crossed out and a new paragraph was added which states that the cause of the fire was most likely an old boiler.


"Looks like the fire started on the first
floor and spread to the rest of the house.
Circumstances are suspicious.

(Someone has ruled through this text and
added a new paragraph.)

Seems there was an accident in the
basement. An old boiler caused a fire
that spread to the rest of the building.
The cause would appear to be accidental.

(The report continues, unaltered.)

Despite fire fighter's best efforts, it
spread to the surrounding houses. Alessa
Gillespie was declared dead at the scene
by Dr. Kaufmann. Her body was identified
by the mother. Death certificate and
coroner's report will be forthcoming."
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