The Ancient Books are memos found beneath the Shepherd's Glen Town Hall containing details on the titles and duties placed upon each of the founding families of Shepherd's Glen.

The Books

Their age unknown, these four books lay within a ritual chamber beneath Shepherd's Glen Town Hall, seemingly guarded by a group of Nurses. Oddly enough, these books cannot be read without killing the Nurses first, even if the player is careful to make no noise. Also found within this chamber, independent of the books, is a ceremonial dagger.

Unused text in the game reveals these books are called the Book of Ideals.[1]

Executor of Law

This duty was, as declared by the pact, taken up by the Bartlett family.

In defense of the Tenets, it is necessary that one person preside over the
punishment of any members who have fallen from the Path.
These rulings must be based on complete understanding
of the laws set forth and must be executed without prejudice.
The Executor of Law must not waive in the responsibility of enacting these Powers,
he must declare his oath, in public forum, to uphold the ideals of The Book.
In God's Name, so shall it be.

Keeper of Lore

This duty was, as declared by the pact, taken up by the Holloway family.

To continue on the path we have laid before us, it is vital
that people remember the road traveled. We must continually provide, update,
and nurture accurate records of the past that cannot be challenged by outsiders.
Once the lore has been handed over, The Keeper shall confine himself
to an uncorrupted sanctuary. There, he shall learn the history of The Founders.
In God's Name, so shall it be.

Master of Arms

This duty was, as declared by the pact, taken up by the Shepherd family.

In the pursuit of creating a more perfect Way, rules must be followed and rules must be enforced.
Any member who ignores this command shall be dealt with swiftly and in view of all. This shall ensure continued prosperity.
It is, therefore, imperative that the effective Master Of Arms not waive in the responsibility of
enacting this power until his last day in this life.
In God's Name, so shall it be.

Performer of Rites

This duty was, as declared by the pact, taken up by the Fitch family.

With the truth of the old believers fractured, it is essential that one person
maintain and effectuate the modern sectarian rites we have toiled so faithfully to create and protect.
After taking up the mantle of this post, The Performer Of Rites shall make a pilgrimage
to the edge of the forsaken region to purify himself from the sins of the past.
There he will beseech the forefathers for forgiveness and understanding.
In God's Name, so shall it be.
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