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That kid, Walter... He was really into that mumbo-jumbo.
—Andrew telling Henry how determined Walter was.

Andrew DeSalvo is a nervous man who Henry Townshend meets locked in a cell in the Water Prison World in Silent Hill 4: The Room.


Prior to the game, Andrew was employed by the Order as a guard at the Wish House Orphanage and the Water Prison, although he was not a member of the Order himself, where he was abusive to the children there. It is hinted in Walter's diary that he may have killed Walter Sullivan's childhood friend 'Bob' or at least caused Bob's disappearance. The Prisoner's Shirt implies that Andrew may have made Walter or someone else drink water with leeches in it.

Silent Hill 4: The Room[]

After Henry frees him from the cell in the Water Prison, Andrew is disturbed by the presence of young Walter and is last seen drowned as Walter's 18th victim with "18/21" carved into his abdomen.

When Henry returns to the Water Prison, he must fight Andrew's ghost to acquire a key. Andrew is killed with the 'Watchfulness' theme of murder. His item is a bloody shirt Henry finds at the prison's death chamber, where Andrew was killed. Henry later uses this shirt to uncover a message needed to move forward.

Victim 18[]


Andrew's Ghost being stabbed with a Sword of Obedience.

Main article: Victim 18

Andrew's ghost is a rather dangerous one, as he can perform a barrel roll that deals a great amount of damage, and also has a very strong aura that will damage Henry faster than any other ghost would. A Saint Medallion is required to weaken the evil presence, and a Silver Bullet is a great option to quickly pin him, followed shortly by a Sword of Obedience. It is recommended to pin him in the water wheel room, since it has a broader area for movement, and less enemies to annoy the player.

If he is freed after retrieving the key, his ghost will haunt Room 107 in the Apartment Otherworld.

Another Crimson Tome[]

In Wish House, there just weren't enough watchmen to observe the children. So, a few men, non-members of the religious organization, were hired to fill that role. One of them was Andrew DeSalvo. He was always drunk, and abused the children. Because of that, he was nicknamed and called "Fat Pig" by the other watchmen and children. Andrew didn't care whether the children kept or broke the rules, he abused the children regardless.

"Hey, you punk! You wanna go out and play in the forest? I don't care about the cult's teachings. You got the permission? I don't care. I'm the rule here. If you play in the forest without my permission again, you'll be sorry." Shouting like this, he hit the children.

"Hey, we got the permission from God, don't you know that?" asked the children.

"Don't talk back! You little brats," said Andrew. Andrew kept hitting the kids.

"You don't understand the words of God... Fat Pig will be punished by God," murmured the children at heart, rubbing their swollen cheeks.



Andrew's severed head.

  • Andrew was named after Albert DeSalvo, a man who claimed to be American serial killer the "Boston Strangler".
  • When his ghost is encountered, Andrew can be heard singing: "And God said, 'At the time of fullness, cleanse the world with my rage. Gather forth the White Oil, the Black Cup and the Blood of the Ten Sinners. Prepare for the Ritual of the Holy Assumption.' And God said, 'Offer the Blood of the Ten Sinners and the White Oil.'"
  • Due to his added girth, Andrew's ghost will be seen struggling out of his portal when he appears, until he finally slips out and starts floating.
  • A paler version of what seems to be Andrew's severed head can appear outside of Room 302's living room window. It will briefly fly up and down and disappear when Henry returns from Building World.[1]
  • The protagonist of the Silent Hill film, Rose Da Silva, was originally named Rose DeSalvo, likely as a nod to the game character.
  • Andrew's ghost is the only victim that has to be pinned with a Sword of Obedience as it is holding a key that is required to continue in the game.


Note: For images of Andrew's ghost form, please view the respective gallery.
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