Andy[1][2] (also known as a boy) is one of the protagonists in Play Novel: Silent Hill. He lives next door to Harry Mason, and unbeknownst to Harry, travels with him to Silent Hill.[1][2]


Andy is a shy seven-year-old boy that lives in the house next door to Harry and Cheryl Mason. He looks out of a big window in his bedroom into their yard at 8 o'clock every morning to see what Cheryl is doing. They also go to the same elementary school. He wants to be friends with her.[1][2]

On the morning of Harry and Cheryl's trip to Silent Hill, Andy catches a glimpse of Alessa Gillespie talking with Cheryl in their yard. Later, he finally meets Cheryl for the first time.[1]

At some point that morning, Andy sneaks into Harry's car and hides during the drive to Silent Hill. Andy comes to after the wreck and realizes Cheryl is gone. He wanders into town to look for her and meets with trouble.[2]

Cybil's Story


Andy and Cheryl fighting at the aqueduct.

Cybil Bennett finds Andy and Cheryl arguing at the aqueduct. He falls into the water and has to be rescued by Cybil.


Andy was introduced as the third protagonist in Play Novel: Silent Hill alongside Harry and Cybil.[1][2]

His story was broken into four chapters: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. His first chapter, A Boy's Story: Spring, was released May, 2001 as DLC. In order to obtain the content, a Mobile Adapter GB had to be used to connect to the internet and download the data onto the Game Boy Advance's internal memory. As such, the chapter would be erased whenever the system would power off. Due to the flaw of the system's inability to hold the chapter data permanently, the contents were never properly archived.[1]

Like Harry and Cybil, Andy had his own set of Digital Trading Cards. They could only be obtained by downloading and completing the extra chapters. The cards would be kept even after the chapter data erased.[1]


Three of the four Digital Trading Cards obtained in Andy's story.

Although many details of Andy's story are unknown, we do know that his story was meant to intertwine with Harry and Cybil's and explore the deeper lore of the town. Andy's trading cards also suggest that both Cheryl and Alessa played significantly large roles in his story.[1]


  • Although Andy's status in the canon has been debated due to his lack of later appearances, the Play Novel appears to be recognized in canon and therefore suggests that Andy is as well.[3]

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