Filth and lies!
—Anna condemns Dahlia's words.

Anna is an original character in the Silent Hill film. She is a member of a fanatical cult known as the Brethren, which is based in the town of Silent Hill, West Virginia. She serves as a follower of the cult's leader, Christabella.

Anna is the daughter of Eleanor. She was born into the cult life, and consequently, she faces Alessa Gillespie's wrath in the Fog World along with the other cult members. It is implied that she was born in the Fog World.

Anna appears to have a childish demeanor, she often speaks in a simplistic manner, and seems to be slightly mentally impaired. It has been noted in the official production notes that Anna is "innocent" and tends to cling to those who act as mother figures, which is meant to tie into the film's overall theme of motherhood.


Anna is 30 years old at the time of the film's events, meaning she was likely born in the alternate reality in which she lives with her mother. Despite that Anna is an innocent who never even knew Alessa Gillespie, Alessa still punishes her for being the child of a member of the Brethren by forcing her to live a miserable existence in the alternate world. Anna appears to be somewhat aware of Alessa's existence, however, she does not seem to have any understanding of the crimes committed against the child, or why Alessa hates the cult so much.

Anna has been thoroughly brainwashed by the cult since birth, and so deems anything denouncing the cult as being lies. When confronted with the truth, Anna throws rocks and shouts at those who disagree with her.

Silent Hill

Anna, cybil and rose

Anna, restrained by Cybil and Rose.

Anna is first seen throwing rocks at Dahlia Gillespie, whom she says was "cast out", though she does not immediately elaborate on what that means. She begins to follow Rose Da Silva and Cybil Bennett through the Grand Hotel, pointing out a painting called "The First Burning". She comments that the ancestors of her ancestors kept the town pure by burning witches.

She then follows Rose and Cybil into the cult's secret church, but the Otherworld begins to fall and she tells them to run to the local church, where she believes they will be safe. The three women run to the church to escape.


Red Pyramid skins Anna.

Dahlia appears on the church steps, distracting Anna. Anna starts throwing rocks at Dahlia again, but the darkness falls and Red Pyramid, a monstrous entity conjured by the rage of Alessa, appears behind her. He lifts her up, rips her dress off and then tears the skin off of her naked body, which he throws at the church doors, dousing Rose and Cybil in blood. Christabella, the priestess of the local cult, tells Eleanor, Anna's mother, that Anna deserved her fate because she went against church laws in wandering away from the church alone, putting herself in danger.


  • "Stay away, sinner! Get back!"
  • "Dahlia was cast out. Not even the darkness wants her."
  • "Sinners deserve to lose their spawn."
  • "Mother needs more food."
  • "Christabella keeps us safe. We take refuge in the church."
  • "If she has faith, she might survive. If not..."
  • "It's a symbol of our unity, a symbol of our faith."
  • "We are wandering far from refuge here..."
  • "The First Burning. Before the town had a name. The elders of my elders kept us pure. Burning the witch held back the darkness."
  • "We don't say her name."


  • The original script reveals Anna's father died in the Otherworld.
  • Anna is a representation of the impurity and evil of Alessa's revenge on the cult. Though Anna never knew Alessa, and had done nothing to harm her, she still suffered a horrific death at the hands of Alessa's creation.
  • Anna is meant to represent the sin of casting blame in the film's Christian symbolism, with the opening meeting with Rose and Cybil acting as a reference to the stoning of a prostitute in the Bible.
  • In the original script, Anna was supposed to meet Rose and Cybil outside the hotel while being attacked by an Armless Man. Due to budgeting issues, dance coordinator Roberto Campanella was told to stay home that day. Because of his absence, the crew found it impossible to film the scene, so it was scrapped in favor of Anna first appearing inside the hotel. A clip of it is still available.[1]
  • It is very possible that Anna was somewhat influenced by Angela Orosco from Silent Hill 2. This is supported by her anxious, awkward nature, and even has a knife taken from her just as James Sunderland did to Angela in the game. Their names also both begin with "An," and much like Angela, Anna seems devout to one purpose; in her first scene, she explains her adamant service regarding God and Christabella, and in the game, Angela seems solely motivated by the need to find her mother. Lastly, both Angela and Anna are brutalized by powerful male figures, with Angela being abused by her father, and Anna killed by Red Pyramid, Alessa's representation of raw male brutality.


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