Anne's Story, Issue 4
Tom Waltz
Tristan Jones
IDW Publishing
Release date
December 24, 2014

Anne's Story, Issue 4 is the fourth and last issue for the Silent Hill comic Anne's Story published by IDW Publishing. It is written by Tom Waltz and illustrated by Tristan Jones.

The plot is focused on Anne Marie Cunningham and her perspective during Silent Hill: Downpour, rather than Murphy Pendleton.

In this issue of Anne's journey through Silent Hill, Anne encounters Murphy for the last time at a prison.


In the cage, Screamers appear and kill Bobby Ricks. The cage falls into Toluca Lake.

Murphy starts Ricks' boat and departs from Silent Hill, but Anne soon appears behind him holding a gun to his head, ordering him to turn the boat around and return to Silent Hill. She tells him that the town showed her things, that it knows her, and that the town won't release either of them until they settle their unfinished business. Murphy refuses to return, and tells her, "You may as well shoot me." Anne complies and pulls the trigger.

However, lightning strikes the boat and Anne falls into the lake again. She wakes up in Overlook Penitentiary and sees the Bogeyman by Frank Coleridge's body. She has a flashback of the riot which left her father in a vegetative state, and finds Murphy.

Anne claims that Coleridge was a good man reprimanding Murphy for his actions. Anne readies her gun once more to shoot Murphy and avenge her father, explaining how she had to take care of Coleridge, who was left a vegetable after Murphy's alleged attack. She says that when she looked at him, she could only see a monster: Murphy Pendleton. Anne then reveals that she is Coleridge's daughter and gives a brief eulogy for her father, stating how he was a benevolent person who cared a great deal about other people and how she looked up to and respected him. In this instance, Murphy transforms before her eyes into the Bogeyman. Anne elaborates on how she had to pull strings, call in favors, and do "sick things" in order to have Murphy transferred to her prison, presumably so that she could kill him herself. Anne finally pulls the trigger and shoots Bogeyman Murphy.


Coleridge's spirit tells Anne to wake up.

However, through a spiritual flashback (Coleridge appears as a spirit and tells her, "Annie, please... wake up."), it is revealed that while Murphy was present when Frank was beaten into his wheelchair-bound state, it was actually George Sewell who beat Frank and left him in his vegetative state.

In the present, Murphy reverts back to his human form and Anne approaches him. Murphy apologizes, claiming that it was his fault that Frank was murdered and, after realizing that Murphy is innocent, Anne forgives him. The two embrace, and reappear next to the crashed bus, back in the real world. In the game, Murphy tells Anne that he should leave before the police arrive on the scene, stating that he has somewhere to be. Anne thanks Murphy for telling the truth before he departs.

Later on, back at Ryall Penitentiary, Anne, having figured out that Sewell was the individual truly responsible for her father's death, confronts him in his office so that the two can "talk". She appears to be holding a loaded gun behind her back.


  • Bobby Ricks is revealed to have been murdered by monsters before Murphy left Silent Hill in a boat.
  • The "Truth and Justice" ending is confirmed to be the canon ending though what happens to Anne after she confronts George Sewell is not revealed.
  • Bogeyman Murphy's fight with Anne is omitted.


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