Ariels are monsters that resemble puppets that appear in the Artaud Theater in Silent Hill: Origins.


They hang upside down from the ceiling and attack by grabbing and choking Travis Grady. Instead of feet, they have another pair of hands, holding onto the strings they hang from. Attacking one will result in knocking it down, where it will then stand on its hands and begin to "kick" instead. As they are made from fragile porcelain, they are weak, but can be tricky when dealt with in numbers or in confined spaces.


Ariels often work in pairs or threes. They can be easily avoided by turning off the flashlight, but beware of making loud noises in their presence. They can be difficult to avoid in narrow corridors. After being struck down from the ceiling, they are stunned for a few moments, and completely defenseless. These moments are the best opportunity to kill them with a finishing move, killing them easily. This is well-advised too, seeing as Ariels are most treacherous when on the ground, as they will move faster.


The name "Ariel" is derived from the servant character of the same name from William Shakespeare's The Tempest, which Alessa Gillespie saw at the Artaud Theater.

As their feet are hands, holding onto the strings, they could symbolize that they are in control, and that they can let go of the strings that bind them; unlike Travis, where the memories of his father still linger. It is likely that the theme of "hanging puppets" bares resemblance to Richard Grady's death.

It can also be speculated that Ariels represent an "upside-down" childhood, something Travis certainly had with a mentally-ill mother and a depressed father who committed suicide. Psychologically, it is in youth in which a child can be most easily influenced and/or affected by their parents, and with him being involved in a dysfunctional family, Travis's mental state could too easily have been impacted. This could be connected to Travis's more introverted personality, which could be represented by his lonely job as a truck driver.


  • Ariel was a wind spirit, which may allude to the Ariel enemy's acrobatic nature. He was also a servant, which alludes to the marionette-like qualities of the enemy.
  • The Ariel's name could be a pun, as it also sounds like "aerial", possibly referring to their habits of attacking from the ceiling.
  • Ariels are the only enemy in the game that do not appear again at any point after their introduction location.



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