A part of South Ashfield seen from Room 302.

Everyone says Ashfield is a scary place, but I really want to see my mommy.
—Walter Sullivan as a child in his diary

Ashfield is a medium-sized busy city half a day’s drive from Silent Hill that appears in Silent Hill 4: The Room. Ashfield is divided into North Ashfield and South Ashfield; the entirety of Silent Hill 4: The Room takes place in South Ashfield.


South Ashfield Heights – An apartment building. Home to Henry Townshend and Eileen Galvin, as well as being the birthplace of Walter Sullivan.

South Ashfield Station – A subway station which presumably connects (either directly or indirectly) to Silent Hill. It was the first location where Henry Townshend was ever brought to through the portal in his bathroom in Room 302, where he met the doomed Cynthia Velasquez (Victim 16/21). Walter Sullivan was known to travel to South Ashfield through this location.

Hotel South Ashfield – The building across the street from South Ashfield Heights, and the location of Richard Braintree's untimely demise as Victim 19/21. This area also leads into a shopping district, including an abandoned pet store (where Steve Garland - Victim 4/21 - was murdered) and Bar Southfield, a tavern where Victim 10/21, Eric Walsh, worked as a bartender. The location is littered with useful objects for those looking to survive Walter's nightmares.

St. Jerome's Hospital – The hospital where Walter Sullivan was brought after his parents abandoned him in Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights and is later where Eileen Galvin is also taken after Sullivan's failed attempt on her life. It is while exploring this location that Henry Townshend realizes that only he can see and utilize the strange portals that lead to his room.

Albert's Sporting Goods - Sport shop formerly owned by Rick Albert.

Garland's - Pet store of Steve Garland.

North Ashfield Junior High – Cynthia's high school.

Springfield Zoo – Mentioned in passing should Henry switch his radio on during a certain part of the game. The host mentions in deadpan that "Wally the Walrus" from Springfield Zoo has given birth to a young cub, "Buttercup".

Music Boxes - Apparently a music store.

Restaurant Fuseli


Ashfield sign in Downpour.

  • Restaurant Fuseli is possibly a reference to Henry Fuseli, a Swiss painter, draughtsman, and writer on art. Many of his works, such as "The Nightmare", dealt with supernatural subject-matter.
  • In Silent Hill: Downpour, a sign facing North on Lansdale Ave. says "Ashfield 168", which may indicate that Ashfield is 168 miles (270km) south of Silent Hill.
  • "Panda Postal" mail boxes can be seen on the street.
  • A Tirn Aill advertisement is seen above the subway entrance.
  • Signs for Cooper Road and Ashfield Blue Street can be seen from Henry's window.
  • It is possible James Sunderland, Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, and Laura lived in Ashfield due to connections with Frank Sunderland and Rachel.



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