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Ashley Baker is a minor character in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. She is the sister of Trent Baker.

She dated the female protagonist's crush, Matthew Collins, while in high school, much to the protagonist's disappointment. She is the Water Guardian (Trent Baker is the Water Guardian if the protagonist is male).

During the events of the game, the protagonist was able to change history so that Ashley dumped Matthew (or the other way around) and later formed a relationship with the protagonist. She will write a threatening letter to the protagonist telling her to back off, setting the stage for the Otherworld Water area.


Ashley is depicted as a somewhat selfish, needy person and has a bit of trouble keeping her finances in order. In college, her guidance counselor observed that she is inflexible with her career path, believing that there is only one way to success.


Ashley was in a difficult relationship with Matthew but she was madly in love with him. After their breakup she strives to change for the better to hopefully reconcile with him. Her life and fate will vary depending on the notes gathered:

  • For the Blood notes, Ashley becomes dependent on medication and is in danger of being evicted from her apartment, so she was considering a job as a dancer in a club to get the money. Moreover, she was mugged and her own Book was taken away. Ashley later ends up in the Emergency Room due to a big accident. Matthew visits her at the hospital, but she could not remember him because of physical trauma from the accident that caused memory loss.
  • For the Light notes, She will start getting her act together, immersing herself in tennis to maintain her scholarship grant, investing in self-improvement and even receive a job offer from a company that will fund her relocation expenses. She also takes time to send Matthew some flowers, but somewhere along the line, Ashley will get over her ex-boyfriend and start dating a guy named Jason, whom she ran into while at a cafe as shown in one of the Broadcasts.
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