This article is a guide for a P.T. puzzle.


In the final cycle, the player is required to trigger three baby giggles. After solving this final puzzle, the door is unlocked.

Solving the Puzzle

After stepping into the corridor, the player must first wait until the clock turns to 00:00. Once the bell begins ringing, the player can trigger either of the next two baby laughs at any time, in any order;

Baby laugh 1 - The player must take ten full steps in any direction and be sure to stop immediately on the tenth step. This should trigger the first baby laugh. The laugh will trigger even if the player chooses to walk up against a wall.

Baby laugh 2 - The player must speak into their PlayStation microphone the letter "J" (or "Jay") and then stay completely silent for at least three full seconds (it is not necessary to be exceptionally loud or articulate when saying "J"). Continuing to say "J" into the microphone between three full-second intervals of silence will eventually trigger the second baby laugh.

Baby laugh 3 - After receiving the second baby laugh, the player's controller should vibrate for a few seconds. Standing still and doing absolutely nothing will trigger the third and final giggle. At this point the telephone starts ringing. By approaching and zooming in on it, the player will receive the message "You've been chosen".