The Baldwin Mansion was the home of Ernest Baldwin and his late daughter Amy. It is only featured in Maria's Born from a Wish scenario.

On Ernest's birthday, Amy accidentally fell out of a window in the mansion's attic, leaving Ernest saddened and alone. Ten years later, the mansion seems rather empty, except for Ernest's and Amy's ghosts, and a few monsters. It is implied that Ernest may have killed himself in grief, or became a victim of a monster, at some point - the body in front of the mansion may be his.

It is unknown what the current condition of the mansion is. It is implied that the mansion is off-limits as the perimeter has high walls with barbed wire and a message can be found on a wall "KEEP OUT OF HAUNTED MANSION". Amy's room appeared to be untouched, implying no one has else has lived in it since, possibly due to claims of the mansion being haunted.

It is located right beside Blue Creek Apartments, allowing Maria to exit the mansion and immediately enter the Blue Creek Apartments.

Silent Hill 2: Born from a Wish

Maria explores the mansion and meets Ernest, or rather his voice, behind a door.



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