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Hallelujah. I knew this weather couldn't keep everyone away. Name your poison.
—The Bar Maid upon seeing Harry

The "Bar Maid" (unofficial name) is the unnamed bartender that Harry Mason may encounter in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. She works in the Good Ol' Days bar in Silent Hill, located across from Diner 52.

She has a friendly personality; her conversation with Harry Mason may differ slightly, but all are cordial. Her only appearance in the game is inside the bar. If Harry enters Diner 52, he can't access Good Ol' Days. The Good Ol' Days bar can only be accessed if the player responds "true" to "Having a drink helps me relax" on the initial test, although choosing that is no guarantee that the bar will be open, just a requisite; as such, she is normally associated with the "Drunk Dad" ending.


The bar maid has three different types of potential appearances based on the player's Psych Profile. Her appearance does not necessarily dictate her personality.


The bar maid can be seen wearing a green polo shirt with a patch of baseball bats on it, a plaid apron, and a light silver, circular necklace. Her hair is a bright auburn color.

Old Maid

She wears the same shirt as before, except it is now a light blue color. Her apron is now a solid white, and her necklace is now gold. Her hair is ash brown.


Her shirt is now a dark beige, her apron is striped, and her necklace is a dark gray. Her hair is burgundy, and she also wears a large amount of makeup. ("Sleaze and Sirens"-related)


The bar maid has two different personality types:

Friendly bartender

The bar maid possesses a kind, amiable, and somewhat humorous personality. She attempts to help Harry get in contact with Cheryl and offers him a drink before he leaves. Answering "yes" to "I always listen to other people's feelings" influences this.


The bar maid is hard-of-hearing and often mishears what Harry is saying, though she is still as genial as before. She offers to call someone to help Harry and tells him she hopes Cheryl is okay. Answering "no" to "I always listen to other people's feelings" will influence this.


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