Bar Southfield is a minor location in South Ashfield visited in Silent Hill 4: The Room.

The bar is first seen from the outside through Henry Townshend's apartment window. The bar isn't recognizable from the outside, aside from the large billboard on the roof displaying the bar's name and phone number.

After being transported into the Building World, Henry must enter the bar in order to proceed. The door that Henry must access inside, however, is locked, and it is revealed that the combination to unlock it is a portion of the bar's phone number. During Henry's second visit to the building world, the combination has changed, and Henry must call the bars previous number to learn the new phone number and, therefore, the new combination.

The interior of the bar appears to be somewhat untouched. The bar tending amenities are in their place on the shelves, and there is minor damage to the room. The bar also contains a billiard table, onto which the Billiard Ball must be placed as part of the Four Reminiscences Puzzle during Henry's second visit to the building world. The player may also retrieve a rusty axe here.

The owner of the bar is never revealed; however it is indicated that Walter Sullivan's 10th victim, Eric Walsh, was working there as a bartender. Before being shot in the face by Walter, Eric had gone home early, excited for his birthday celebration. His boss had let him leave early after hearing that a criminal was still at large in the area, however it seemed Eric learned of it first-hand.


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