Bartenders Memo

Bartender's Memo found in the Building World.

The Bartender's Memo is a memo item found by Henry Townshend as he explores the Building World in Silent Hill 4: The Room. It is located in Bar Southfield and outlines how to get the code for the keypad in the back of the bar, which invariably serves as the exit. Henry visits the bar twice; each time, a different memo supplies clues as to how to open the back door.

During his first visit, the memo explains that the code for the door is the final four digits of the bar's phone number. This number isn't written anywhere in the bar or building area; to find it, Henry must return to his apartment and look out of one of the windows of his bedroom. From there he can see a large billboard advertising the bar, complete with a phone number. The code is the last four digits of the number, as described in the memo.

Upon Henry's second visit to Building World and the bar, the memo is different; it now states that the bar had to change its phone number due to complaints. The sign on the roof, as the note mentions, has not been altered yet, but the door combination has: it's now the last four digits of the new phone number. In order to get this number, Henry must go to his apartment and use the phone in his bedroom to call the bar's old number. A recorded message provides the new number, and thus the keycode for the back door.


Memo Text - 1st Visit

"The boss said that the number this time is the last 4 digits of this store's phone number. But the phone number is written right there on the sign on the roof. Anybody could see it from South Ashfield Street. Is that really okay?"

Memo Text - 2nd Visit

"The boss said we had to change our phone number 'cause all of the complaints about the weird noises. Now we have to change the store sign on the roof. What a pain. By the way, the number is the last 4 digits of the new phone number. Not too smart if you ask me..."

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