The bathroom is a location in P.T., situated within the never-ending hallway.


At the beginning of the teaser, the bathroom is inaccessible. However, something banging against the door and the sound of crying can be heard within at some point.

Later, in one of the loops the player goes through, the door will be ajar, and the sound of a baby crying can be heard. Focusing into the room will result in Lisa appearing and slamming the door shut.

Eventually, the room will be fully open, and the player can obtain the flashlight on the floor inside. However, the door will instantly slam shut, and the player must look into the mirror for the door to open again.

One of the main features of the bathroom is the fetus in the sink. Sometimes it is heard crying, giggling, and at one point speaking in the voice of the man on the radio. A dirty mirror is above the sink; the grime obscures the protagonist's face. Sometimes Lisa can be seen in the mirror briefly, standing in the bathtub.

A hole is located above the bathtub. When looked into from a certain angle, an eyeball can be seen moving within. Later, in the loop where the player moves at great speed, the hole can be viewed from the other side into the bathroom, where the sound of the radio and a murder taking place can be heard.


  • The hole in the bathroom is possibly a reference to the hole in Room 302's bathroom in Silent Hill 4. Both are mysterious holes that are essential to progress the story.  The hole may also be a reference to the peepholes used in Silent Hill 4, as the protagonist eventually looks through it in the Red Hallway.
  • The hole also resembles the one James Sunderland has to put his hand into in Silent Hill 2.


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