The dog knows what I'm thinking. Look at the way he keeps getting between me and his master.
—Christabella wonders if Bear could become a hindrance to her plans.

Bear is Kenneth Carter's pet and an invaluable helper when the pair end up trapped in the town of Silent Hill.


Bear lives with Kenneth and his girlfriend Jessica Aldrich in Hollywood. The woman isn't fond of Bear, as she believes that Kenneth loves the dog more than he loves her, a fact which is true. He's very brave, willing to face down the terrors of Silent Hill with little hesitation, especially if Kenneth's safety is at risk. He seems to possess an innate ability to sense the motives and personalities of others, as he is unwilling to allow Christabella LaRoache to grow close to Kenneth and in an open act of defiance, urinates on the boot of the witch named Lenora when she tries to kill him.

He enjoys beef jerky and frequently cleans himself.


When Lenora uses her magic to trigger a shift to the Otherworld in the home of Kenneth Carter, Bear finds himself trapped in Silent Hill. He jumps into a hole in a wall that had once been a painting of the lakeside town. Once in Silent Hill, Bear occupies himself with chasing butterflies and avoiding the monsters roaming the streets of town, until he comes upon a pack of undead dogs. Through unknown means, Bear is able to subdue the monsters and becomes the leader of their pack. He eventually finds a painter by the name of Ike Isaacs. Both encounters would prove to be beneficial, since Bear is reunited with Kenneth after meeting Ike. Once again joining Kenneth, Bear and his pack help Kenneth, Ike, and a newly resurrected Christabella fight their way through hordes of monsters sent by Lenora to impede their journey through Silent Hill. When Bear and his traveling companions can travel no further, they are brought before Lenora, who tells Kenneth that he must choose and kill one of three specific individuals, or risk the deaths of all three, with those individuals being Bear, Christabella, and Connie.


Bear is awarded beef jerky for his bravery in the face of the monstrous denizens of Silent Hill.

Christabella, however, intervenes and attacks Lenora with the Keris Dagger, which gives Bear, Kenneth, Ike, and herself a chance to run. Lenora follows Bear and tries to kill him in an attempt to force Kenneth into killing Connie, whose death would assure the success of Lenora's plan to bring the god-like entity Samael into the human world. Before the witch can kill him, Bear pees on her boot and steals the Keris Dagger from her. As the dog runs through Silent Hill with the blade in his mouth, Christabella uses her abilities to locate the dog, and takes the dagger from him. She talks to him a little bit, lamenting on the fact that she is no longer an undead, when Samael interrupts the girl and vanishes with her.

Bear is then absent for the remainder of the story, but when Kenneth kills Connie's possessed body, reality as it had been is completely undone and then reconstructed in such a way that puts those involved with the long history of Silent Hill into the lives they were meant to live. As such, Bear now lives on a farm with both Kenneth and Connie, as the family pet.

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