I don't... feel so good... I must sit down... I remember now... 30 years ago I went down here... and cried... I can't feel my arms. I'm going to sleep... My name is Ben...
—Ben, moments before his death

Ben is the first playable character in the mobile game Silent Hill: Orphan. Ben is a survivor of the massacre that occurred in the Sheppard's Orphanage in Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Orphan

Ben is a survivor of the massacre at the orphanage, but for some reason does not remember how he survived that night. Now, Ben has a strange presentiment that sends him back to the orphanage to investigate the place.

Once he arrives, Ben begins to hear a strange voice that guides him through the orphanage. He soon hears Karen's cries through a ventilation duct. She cannot remember how she got there. Ben swears to find and help her, and continues exploring. In the bathroom, he finds a Halo of the Sun and the orphanage undergoes an Otherworld transformation.

He continues exploring the orphanage and finds a letter stating he was diagnosed with cancer as a child, but for some reason, Ben was never informed about it.

Suddenly, he hears the voice calling him to to meet in the shower room. Ben enters, as it was his safe haven as a child. As he leaves, the screen goes white and a dialogue is shown as text on the screen. In this scene, Ben begin to remember that during the massacre, he hid in the shower room and cried. After that, he starts to feel ill and dies. After this, Moon's scenario begins.

Multiple points of the game imply that Ben knew that he would die, so he decided to return to the orphanage and die there to help Alessa in her plans. Apparently, Alessa spared Ben from the orphanage massacre because she knew that he was suffering from cancer, and would eventually die anyway.

Silent Hill: Mobile 3

Ben Zombie

Ben in Silent Hill: Mobile 3.

I... I... I... BEN... BEN... I... BEN... I... HELP...
—Ben in Silent Hill: Mobile 3

In Silent Hill: Mobile 3, when Vincent goes to the Otherworld for the first time, he finds a zombie claiming to be Ben and asking for help. However, Vincent becomes scared and starts fighting with Ben, killing him.

Later in the game, Alessa explains that all those who died in the orphanage are not really dead, but simply asleep and still alive as spirits (which explains why Ben said, "I'm going to sleep"), and that Karen was trying to revive them as monsters.

After Karen's death, it is likely that Ben and the others have "awakened" as Alessa.