Alex and the Janus statue in Dargento Cemetery.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Homecoming puzzle.

The Birthstones are items obtained in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Once the stones are collected, they need to be placed in the correct order on the statue of Janus in Dargento Cemetery in order to acquire the M14 Assault Rifle. There are four stones that can be collected; however, only two are needed.


  • Garnet: Found past a wall on the other side of the cemetery (accessible from the Sagan St. entrance opposite the prison where the cutscene takes place) that Alex Shepherd must breach with the fire axe.
  • Sapphire: Near the first entrance to Dargento Cemetery (closest to the dock), on a stone bench.

Once these stones are obtained, the correct stones must be placed in the Janus statue. On the front and back of the statue are two phrases:

"XII The Old
I The New"

The two phrases refer to the stones turquoise and garnet, the birthstones for December and January, respectively. After correctly placing the stones, a key will appear for the Moon Garden, where the rifle can be found.


  • Each of the gems correspond to a birth month; garnet is the stone for January, turquoise for December, and sapphire for September. Bloodstone is the original birthstone for March, but jasper and/or aquamarine have since taken its place.
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