Blood-Inscribed Spade
Blood-inscribed spade
A gardening spade with an inscription
"Written in blood is: 'Opposite where the lake and house meet, inside the hand holding onto the ground'."
Reveals the Rusted Bloody Key
Received from Jasper Gein, Forest World
Silent Hill 4: The Room

The Blood-Inscribed Spade is one of the items that Henry Townshend receives in Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Forest World tree

The tree with the peculiar roots.

Henry can obtain the spade from Jasper Gein in the Forest World, who had originally obtained it from Joseph Schreiber, but only after giving Jasper something in exchange. After revealing that he is tremendously thirsty near the Wish House Orphanage, Henry is left to find a drink for Jasper. After retrieving chocolate milk from his kitchen refrigerator and giving it to Jasper, Henry will be given the blood-inscribed spade. On the spade is written:

"Opposite where the lake and house meet, inside the hand holding onto the ground."

The inscription, a clue as to where the spade must be used, points towards the tree in the southeast section of the forest. The tree is unique for having roots that appear to be human hands reaching out from the ground. Digging at the roots using the spade reveals the rusted bloody key, which can be used to unlock the door to the Wish House orphanage.


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