The Blood Guardian is a boss in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The player will encounter this boss after completing Zone 18.


The Blood Guardian is a monstrous creature fueled by blood. The creature is red in color and resembles a large mass of flesh that sits upon a revolving metal platform. The top of the being appears to be a headless torso, with two pairs of muscular, clawed arms and with the Blood Mama's head just below. The Blood Mama is fused into the Guardian's flesh in a pose that mimics a woman giving birth, with her legs sticking out to serve as a third pair of arms. At the front of the creature is a large mouth that resembles a flower made of four tongues. It is partly vicious and sadistic. Altogether, the Blood Guardian is a multi-armed mass and female puppet-master.


The Blood Guardian has four different phases.

In the first phase, it drops blood balls and the player must evade them and strike its mouth.

In the second phase, it shoots beams of blood which will open gear shields around the perimeter of the room. Destroying the four gears will prevent it from turning.

In the third phase, it tosses Blood Babies that follow the player and explode. The player must lure the Blood Babies near the back of the Guardian so that it will raise its fist and pound on them. This must be done four times until every arm is disabled.

In the fourth and final phase, the Guardian emerges from its shell as the Blood Mama.


The Blood Guardian symbolizes the subconscious resolution of Shannon. Their battle is a metaphorical one; symbolizing the struggle between the player's will and Shannon's, both attempting to assert their dominance over the other in order to change reality.


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