Book: "Crimson Ceremony"
Crimson Ceremony
The Crimson Ceremony book
"About some ancient god. Author unknown."
One of four items needed to obtain the "Rebirth" Ending
Reading Room, 2F Alternate Lakeview Hotel
Silent Hill 2

The Book: "Crimson Ceremony" is a secret item found in the reading room on the second floor of the Otherworld Lakeview Hotel in Silent Hill 2 and is required for the "Rebirth" ending. It can only be unlocked after completing the game once. Unlike most other memos, the book is an actual item present in James Sunderland's inventory.

Although unconfirmed, the narrator (the Crimson One) is theorized to be either God, Xuchilbara (the Red God), or Valtiel. There is also a "Xuchilpaba" mentioned in Born from a Wish.

The roots of the Crimson Ceremony lie in Mayan and Aztec rituals. At one time, the ritual of human sacrifice was quite prevalent.


I am the Crimson One.
The lies and the mist are
not they, but I.
You all know that I am One.
Yes, and the One is I.

Believers hearken to me!
Twenty score men and
seven thousand beasts.
Heed my words and speaketh them
to all, that they shall ever be
obeyed even under the light of
the proud and merciless sun.

I shall bring down bitter vengeance
upon thee and thou shalt suffer
my eternal wrath.

The beauty of the withering flower
and the last struggles of the dying
man, they are my blessings.

Thou shalt ever call upon me and
all that is me in the place that is

Oh, proud fragrance of life which
flies towards the heart. Oh, cup
which brims with the whitest of
wine, it is in thee that all begins."

Born from a Wish

Red board

The red board.

In the Born from a Wish scenario, the Crimson Ceremony is not physically present, but represented by a red board used to solve the Acacia Key Puzzle.

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