Lauryn presents the Book to her friends.

The Book of Power, also called the Black Book, was a book of spell craft owned by Lauryn LaRoache. She obtained it from eBay.


The history of the Book of Power is largely unknown, though it is rumored to go back over the course of thousands of years. Lauryn purchased her edition of the book off of the internet, with full knowledge that it was only an inexpensive copy. This doesn't prevent Lauryn from having trust in the provenance of the book. In addition to a multi-millennial history, there are only three supposedly genuine copies in existence. The book is bound in an unknown hide said to be harmful to otherworldly entities, such as Whately and his kind.



Lauryn attempts to banish an attacking creature using the Book.

The exact contents of the book aren't precisely disclosed, but Lauryn, through use of the book, has shown that the book contains spells used for banishing creatures, raising and controlling the dead, and raising divine and demonic entities.

It has been demonstrated that the book is capable of allowing the user to gain control of otherworldly forces and manipulate them as the user sees fit.

Dying Inside

Lauryn convinces her friends to journey to Silent Hill with her under the pretense that with the Book of Power, Lauryn and her friends would be able to make untold amounts of money. To do so, the group would head into Silent Hill and copy the numerous magical writings that were scribbled around the town. Once copied, the group would sell the symbols to a specific group of wealthy gentlemen who wholeheartedly believed in such things.

However, Lauryn reveals she had actually come to Silent Hill to confront the malevolent manifestation of her deceased sister, Christabella. Lauryn attempted to obliterate the remnant of her sister, but to no avail. Christbella had grown too strong for the magic of the book to have any effect on her. Lauryn's fallback plan regarding the Book of Power had involved marking all of her friends, allowing her to raise them as thralls in the event of their deaths. As Christabella had killed off a good many of Lauryn's friends, it was only a matter of finding the opportune moment to spring the trap. When the time came, Christabella had a trap of her own, and strong-armed Lauryn into helping her rid Silent Hill of a force that was rivaling Christabella for control of the town.

While attempting to confront this force, Lauryn and her thralls are cornered by the otherworldly entity called Whately. Using his own magical prowess, Whately was able to incinerate the Book of Power.



The Book as presented in Dead/Alive.

Silent Hill, once under the control of Lauryn, has begun to revert to its fog-shrouded state. Because of this, Christabella is able to regain a small amount of the power she once held in Silent Hill. It becomes her goal to acquire Lauryn's book and restore her full power and regain complete control over Silent Hill. The book, however, remains locked away in a room inaccessible to Christabella. To counteract this problem, the girl sets out to recruit the help of actor Kenneth Carter and Ike Isaacs, who has become Lauryn's love interest.

Christabella is never actually able to get her hands on the book. Kenneth, however, does. When the confrontation between Lauryn and Whately begins anew, Kenneth steps in and hits Whately with the book and presses it against his face. The leather binding of the book has an acid-like effect on Whately's kind.


  • In the final issue of Dying Inside, Whately incinerates the book as Lauryn holds it, yet the book returns in Dead/Alive with no explanations as to how that may be.
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