Welcome to the Borley Haunted Mansion! We're so glad you came. Please come inside and look around.
—Narrator of the Borley Haunted Mansion

The Borley Haunted Mansion is an amusement park attraction introduced in Silent Hill 3, and it reappears in the comic Among the Damned.

Silent Hill 3

The Borley Haunted Mansion is an attraction within Lakeside Amusement Park that is briefly visited by Heather Mason, and must be passed through in order to reach the carousel. The mansion consists of six rooms, three of which are rigged as a horror attraction. The final two rooms are actually long, trick hallways, in which Heather must outrun a deadly red mist closing in from behind her to escape the mansion.

Throughout the mansion, Heather is guided by a narrator. Though the voice sounds typical of a theme park horror attraction, with a campy, almost comical tone, the Otherworld's influence seems to have permeated even that and he speaks to Heather specifically and threateningly.

There is also a corpse in the third room which the voice explains is the body of a man named Danny from New Orleans who came to the mansion after losing his way. Upon examination, Heather realizes that the body is real, leaving the player to wonder if the narrator's story is true and if Danny really became a victim of the Otherworld.

If Heather fails to outrun the red mist in the final hallways of the mansion, she will automatically die upon contact with the dangerous red mist.

Among the Damned

Jason, a young man trapped in Silent Hill, follows a woman named Dahlia into the Haunted Mansion. Inside, she is standing in front of a large congregation of creatures, one of which stabs a sword-like leg through her stomach. Jason pulls Dahlia to safety, firing his shotgun at the creatures as he flees.


  • The name "Borley Haunted Mansion" is a reference to Borley Rectory, a now-demolished mansion once located in England famous for paranormal phenomena.
  • According to the Book of Lost Memories, the clothes worn by the hanging corpse of Danny are identical to those of the designer who created them.
  • In one of the rooms, the ceiling, studded with metal spikes, is "intended" to fall and squash Heather, but stops short of Heather's head. In "hard" mode, Heather must duck (by holding the right trigger R2) in order to dodge the ceiling and avoid instant death.
  • The hallways with the red glow are a nod to the film Session 9, an inspiration for Silent Hill 3. In Session 9, one of the characters, a nyctophobe (fear of the dark), must quickly run through a tunnel as the lights behind him begin shutting off. The sound heard during Heather's run can also be heard in the same scene of the movie.
  • The life-size doll rocking in the seat, next to Danny, almost resembles Harry Mason when Heather finds him in their apartment.
  • When endeavoring to escape the impending red mist at the end of the haunted mansion, if the player has the bulletproof vest equipped on "normal" mode, it is imperative to take it off Heather. The vest slows her down and makes reaching the exit unscathed impossible, as it will kill her in only a few seconds.


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