Brett is a minor character from the second issue of Dying Inside. He is Julianna Abernathy's ex-husband.


Little is known about Brett, except that he was abusive to Julianna when they were married. Troy Abernathy, the new husband of Julianna, killed Brett when he learned of the abuse.

Dying Inside

Brett is introduced as the savior of Lynn DeAngelis and Troy Abernathy. The pair are in the presence of the malevolent Christabella LaRoache, who had been prepared to kill them. Brett arrives and begins to fire at the girl with his shotgun, distracting her long enough for the trio to flee. As they run, Troy mulls over the impossibility of Brett's presence. When the three have a chance to rest, Brett expresses confusion over Troy's unhappiness to see him. Lynn and Troy don't respond, though, as they are too busy staring at the back of Brett's head, which is missing. Brett is unaware that he is dead.

When Brett tries to introduce himself to Lynn, Troy hits him in the face, knocking him down. Unnerved by Brett's presence, Lynn tells Troy to take the man's weapons and ammo. The two then run. Brett remains where he is, but expresses disappointment that the pair appears disinterested in his company.

As Troy and Lynn run, the young woman demands to know Troy's connection to Brett, but he only offers that Brett was his late wife's ex-husband. A later encounter with a manifestation of Troy's wife, Julianna, brings light to the subject. Brett had been abusive towards Julianna, and so Troy killed him. After learning of this, Lynn tries to break company with Troy, but the monsters of Silent Hill prevent the pair from separating.


Brett's monstrous form.

When Troy and Lynn meet Brett again, he is in the company of Christabella. The girl explains that Brett is a manifestation of Troy's memories of the man, but had slipped Christabella's control. She has since been able to correct that oversight. As Christabella stops talking, Brett undergoes a transformation and begins to attack Lynn and Troy. The pair then attempt to fire their weapons at the monstrous man, but to no effect. Christabella begins to laugh, reminding the pair of who provided the weapons in the first place.

As Brett begins to aggressively attack Lynn, Troy pleads with Christabella to release Lynn, offering himself to Christabella in her stead. Christabella accepts the deal, and Brett impales him with a tentacle.


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