Broken Watch
A broken wrist watch.
"It looks like there's an inscription on the watch here... It says 'Forgive Me'..."
Storyline item
Bartlett Mausoleum, Rose Heights Cemetery.
Silent Hill: Homecoming

The Broken Watch is an item obtained in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Alex Shepherd finds it inside a casket inside the Bartlett Mausoleum. To obtain the watch, the player must complete the Casket Lock Puzzle, after which, Alex will black out and wake up in Silent Hill.

After Alex has first entered Rose Heights Cemetery and witnessed Sam Bartlett digging up graves next to the Bartlett Mausoleum, Alex returns to the same area some time later to find Mayor Bartlett missing. Alex enters the mausoleum and finds a broken watch inside a casket. A siren sounds and Alex blacks out, he later wakes up in Central Silent Hill next to the Grand Hotel.

Alex explores the Grand Hotel where he finds Mayor Bartlett in the hotel's atrium. He gives Bartlett the watch, but the mayor tosses it aside, where it is absorbed into the ground. The monstrous manifestation of Joey Bartlett, known as Sepulcher, appears.

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