This article is for Brookhaven as seen in Silent Hill: Revelation. For the game incarnation or the hospital in the first film, see Brookhaven Hospital.

Brookhaven Asylum is a location that appears in Silent Hill: Revelation. It is a mental hospital that is used by the Order to "cure" those who they believe have been corrupted by Alessa Gillespie's influence. Why the prisoners there are not killed by the creatures of the Otherworld or Dark Alessa is unknown. Outside of the asylum, cultists who have been deemed as "traitors" are lashed onto crucifixes and left to die.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Heather Mason goes to Brookhaven Asylum to find Leonard Wolf, who she has been told will know where the other half of the Seal of Metatron is. When Heather first enters the asylum, she hears a recording of her last conversation with her father being played, suggesting that members of the Order listened in to her phone call from the reception area of the asylum. Heather finds a key to room S12, the room that holds Leonard Wolf, and follows a map to find it. Along the way, she is attacked by the Lobotomy monster, but she manages to escape.

Upon arriving in the room, she is confronted by Leonard, who shifts into a monster after stealing her half of the Seal and forcing it into his chest. Heather is able to escape Leonard by removing the completed Seal from his body, killing him in the process. She begins to suspect that Alessa is nearby, and asks aloud if Alessa can sense her presence. Instead of an answer from Alessa, Heather is grabbed by one of the asylum's inmates through the bars of his prison door. She screams for help, which draws the attention of Pyramid Head, Alessa's personal protector. Pyramid Head comes to Heather's defense, cutting off the arms of the various inmates so that they can't grab at her anymore.

Heather then sees Vincent Cooper being wheeled by on a gurney. She follows him to an operating room filled with Dark Nurses, who are attracted to noises. The two Order members who escorted Vincent to the room try to push the nurses away, but are quickly overcome and killed. Heather appears beside Vincent's gurney and offers him her help if he agrees to tell her where her father is. When Vincent tells her that Chris is in the sanctuary underneath Lakeside Amusement Park, Heather cuts him free and the two flee the room.



Map of the asylum.

  • The asylum has the same map as seen of Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 3, and Leonard's room number is the same as in the game.
  • The words "Flame Purifies All" can be seen on a wall as Heather enters Brookhaven Asylum. This is a reference to the picture of the same name in Silent Hill 3.
  • The location was filmed at Central Technical School in Toronto, Canada.


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