Brookhaven Keypad

The keypad

The Brookhaven Keypad Memo is found by Heather Mason in Silent Hill 3, posted at a bulletin board near the second-floor patient wing at the Brookhaven Hospital. The door to the patient wing is locked, and in order for it to be unlocked, a certain combination of numbers must be typed into a keypad near the door. Reading the memo carefully will help the player to deduce the correct combination.

The text of the memo varies according to the game's difficulty.



"Press, move 2 right;
press, move up 1;
press, move 2 down;
press, the door shall open."


"The first is larger than the second;
the second twice the third;
the third smaller than the fourth;
the fourth is half the first.
Four of the numbers are not repeated
Three are not in the top row
Two are not in the right row
One of the numbers is the final key"


"Pure eyes, blue like a glassy bead —
You are always looking at me
and I am always looking at you.
Ah, you're too meek —
beautiful, unspoiled:
thus I'm so sad, I suffer —
and so happy, it hurts.
I want to hurt you
and destroy myself
What you would think
if you knew how I felt.
Would you simply smile,
not saying a word?
Even curses from your mouth
would be as beautiful as pearls.
I place my left hand on your
face as though we were to kiss.
Then I suddenly shove my thumb
deep into your eyesocket.
Abruptly, decisively,
like drilling a hole.
And what would it feel like?
Like jelly?
Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
mix it around and around: I must
taste the warmth of your blood.
How would you scream?
Would you shriek "It hurts!
It hurts!" as cinnabar-red tears
stream from your crushed eye?
You can't know the maddening
hunger I've felt in the midst of
our kisses, so many of them
I've lost count.
As though drinking in your cries,
I bring my hopes to fruition:
biting your tongue, shredding it,
biting at your lips as if tasting
your lipstick.
Oh, what euphoric heights I would
reach, having my desires fulfilled
like a greedy, gluttonous cur.
I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted
cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my
I would surely be healed,
and would cry like a child.
And how is your tender ear?
It brushes against my cheek;
I want it to creep up to my lips so
I can sink my teeth into its flesh.
Your left ear, always hearing words
whispered sweet as pie —
I want it to hear my true feelings.
I never lied, no...
but I did have my secrets.
Ah, but what must you think of me?
Do you hate me? Are you afraid?
As though inviting you to the agony
at the play's end, if you wish, you
could destroy me — I wouldn't care.
As you wish, you may destroy me
— I wouldn't care."


  • There is speculation that the memo in the "Hard" difficulty was written by Stanley Coleman, because his diary entries are of a similar writing style. However, unlike most of his confirmed writings, he does not mark his name at the end. Alternatively, the author could be the "chief" mentioned in the Special Treatment Room Memo, who is therein noted as "a pervert".
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