The Brookhaven Nurse is the unofficial name for an entity in Silent Hill 3 that can only be seen twice while in Brookhaven Hospital, both times appearing with Valtiel. She can not be interacted with.


The Brookhaven Nurse is humanoid in appearance, but slightly larger than an average human. She wears green shoes accompanied by a nurse's cap, black gloves and a white top, but has her lower body fully exposed.

She shares some similarities to the Fukuro Lady from the Fukuro video featured in the Art of Silent Hill; however, Masahiro Ito confirmed that the Fukuro Lady and the Brookhaven Nurse are not the same entity.[1]

Silent Hill 3

She can be seen twice in Brookhaven Hospital, first appearing when Heather Mason climbs a ladder shortly before the transition to the Otherworld, and the second time behind some glass on the second floor of the hospital.


  • In the Book of Lost Memories, there is a section stating that Lisa appears alongside Valtiel, which could be indicative that the nurse is in fact Lisa Garland.
    • This fan theory was denied by Masahiro Ito in several tweets however, stating she is “Not Lisa or Alessa. She has absolutely nothing to do with the Silent Hill.” and “She is not Lisa.”

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