Echo message from the passenger side of the red car

In Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Harry Mason receives an echo message at Bryant Overlook before he goes to Midwich High School. The content changes based on the Psych Profile. If he takes a photo of the open passenger's side of the car, it will show a girl resembling Cheryl with her head in her hands.

Car Transcript

Variation 1:

Echo Message - Bryant Overlook
Variation 1
Woman: Stop it! Please, or I'll tell my dad.
Man: Your dad? Your dad isn't here right now. Come on, you've been leading me on all night.
Woman: No!

Variation 2:

Echo Message - Bryant Overlook
Variation 2
Woman: No! Please!
Man: Come on. You been giving me that look all night. Oh, that dress. That dress got me all hot and bothered.
Woman: No!

Variation 3:

Echo Message - Bryant Overlook
Variation 3
Woman: Take your hands off me! You've had too much to drink.
Man: Yeah, I'm drunk on your love. Give it up, baby.
Woman: Get off! No!

Variation 4:

Echo Message - Bryant Overlook
Variation 4
Woman: Please. Stop it! I said no.
Man: Baby, baby... Come on, you said you loved me. Don't be scared. It's going to be great.
Woman: No, please.
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