The memorial stone.

The Bryant Overlook Memorial is an engraved memorial stone found in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

The memorial is for Daniel R. Bryant, a pioneer who crossed Toluca Lake with thirty-four fellow pioneers in order to reach Silent Hill. Unfortunately, thirteen years after he crossed the river, he died of influenza, was buried in town and the aforementioned location was named after him. 


"On February 12, 1730, Daniel R. Bryant
and a group of thirty-four pioneers
crossed Lake Toluca to arrive in
Silent Hill.

During the Great Winter of 1729, the
group had lost over eighty of its
members, most of them children.

Arriving in the area, the pioneers set
up camp here where the elevated
positions gave them safety. This river,
one of many that feeds into Lake
Toluca, was a source of water and
food for the settlers.

Years later, when he died of influenza
in 1743, Bryant's body was buried in
town and this overlook was named
in his memory."


  • After staring at the memorial for about 2 seconds, Harry will say "I learn something new everyday."
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