That's far enough.
—Canavan stops Douglas from investigating a murder scene

Bryce Canavan is a minor character appearing in Hunger. Employed as sheriff of Silent Hill's police department, he gives journalist Douglas Brenneman information regarding Silent Hill's first murder in ten years, though he wants it to be strictly off the record.


Canavan was a local sports legend in Silent Hill, having been a skilled linebacker on the area's high school football team and is described as the kind of person who was willing to go out of his way to help those who were under the constant threat of harassment.


On the morning of July 11th, Canavan's office receives a call from a woman who claims to have been trapped in an abandoned house with someone or something trying to kill her. Canavan, with assistance from his deputy Diggsby, has the scene sealed off from the public. With the arrival of Doug Brenneman, however, the sheriff is forced to rethink things. Doug pesters the officer for details, and Canavan finally relents. He wants all of the information he is prepared to share with Brenneman kept "off the record". The victim involved is the officer who had initially responded to the 911 call. In addition to the victim being one of Silent Hill's finest, findings at the scene suggest enough blood for two victims, though only one body has been found.

Shortly after 6 P.M. that day, Canavan follows his own leads and heads back to the scene of the day's murder. Waiting for him there is a white-haired, well-tailored gentleman by the name of Whately. Having drawn his weapon on Whately, it isn't until Doug's arrival at the scene that Whatley speaks. He begins to taunt Bryce, asking him if finds himself hungry and if he would like a doughnut, a taunt relating to cops' stereotypical fondness of the treat. Whately also speaks cryptically about that morning's murder, saying that, regardless of the officer's intention, Whatley won't be arrested because Canavan is curious about the fate of his slain officer.

Disregarding Whately's words, Canavan demands he put his hands in the air and submit himself to arrest. Ignoring Canavan, Whately shares the fate of the responding officer, Eddie Swaggart. He had been returning from a friend's wedding reception when he caught the 911 call. Arriving at the abandoned structure, there, he saw a bound woman and strange symbols on the walls of the building. Swaggart had been killed trying to help that woman, whose fate is not explained.

Whately explains that Swaggart had simply been a link in a metaphorical chain used to draw Brenneman to him. Having shared this information with Canavan, Whately lashes out at the officer with a fanged tongue and pierces the sheriff's heart.

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