This article is for Cafe 5to2 as seen in the original Silent Hill game. For the diner seen in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, see Diner 52.

Cafe 5to2 is a small diner located on the north side of Old Silent Hill on Bachman Street. It features predominantly in the original Silent Hill game and is re-imagined as Diner 52 in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Silent Hill

Near the beginning of the game, after being attacked by the Otherworld's monsters, Harry Mason wakes up here. He was presumably saved by officer Cybil Bennett, and taken there so he could wake up (although the truth of the matter is unknown). It is also here that Harry receives his first weapons, the knife and the handgun, as well as the series trademark radio and flashlight. A few health drinks and a save point can also be found; there's ammo for the handgun outside on a bench. Despite Cybil's suggestion to remain safe and indoors, Harry immediately attempts to leave the café to search for his daughter, Cheryl. However, as soon as he does, the radio begins to emit the ubiquitous static and he is subsequently attacked by an Air Screamer – marking his first "real" encounter with the denizens of Silent Hill.



Cafe 5to2 in Natural Born Killers

  • The name 5to2 is a homage to the 1994 movie Natural Born Killers.
  • There are Portishead posters on the window.
  • There are Stephen King "Study Dammit!" posters by the pinball machine. The poster was made when he was in college and was put into the college newspaper to "inspire" the students to study.
  • Inside the café is a Medieval Madness Pinball machine. This is a reference to Children of the Corn, when Malachai is playing pinball.[1]
  • Harry is unable to leave the café if he doesn't pick up the items located therein, making the Air Screamer encounter unavoidable.
  • Behind the counter, there is a rather random creepy picture of a ghostly-looking white woman wearing a veil who seems to be weeping blood.


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