A map of the woods.

The Caldecotte Woods is a woodland area appearing in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Harry Mason enters these woods during the course of the game in search of his missing daughter. Here, he encounters his second Nightmare or Ice World in which he has to get to Bryant Overlook.

The woods cover a large area around Caldecotte pond, and features several houses and lodges, including the Orion Hunting Lodge, a sawmill, and the Woodland Lodge.

Harry is left stranded in the woods after Cybil Bennett's car comes to a stop and Cybil leaves to investigate. Cybil is nowhere to be found, and desperate to find Cheryl, Harry leaves the car and enters the woods. Here, he finds clues to several horrific events that may or may not have occurred there, including a kid drowning, a child forced to shoot a wounded deer, rape, and murder.

After finding a key in a bloodied child's wallet, Harry enters a small storage unit containing a Larval Stalker. The Larval Stalker flees, and the Otherworld takes over. Harry must traverse the woods, where lights in the trees show him the correct route while being chased by Raw Shocks. The chase is halted after arriving at the Woodland Lodge. Harry must solve a puzzle requiring a certain input on a child's toy piano in order to advance. Having solved the puzzle, Harry leaves the lodge and is once again chased by the Raw Shocks until he arrives at Bryant Overlook, where he sees the Ice World deform back to the snowy world before his eyes.


  • As with most Nightmare Sequences, many peculiarities can be seen in the Woods. These include:
    • A crashed airplane, engulfed by tree limbs.
    • Fish frozen in the air.
    • A distorted chapel, causing the statue of an angel to look menacingly over passerbys.
  • In contrast to other Nightmare Sequences, the objects that Harry can knock over to slow down the Raw Shocks resemble scarecrows or mummified people.


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