Hanna, what's wrong? Why are you crying?
—Captain to Hanna.

The "Captain" (unofficial name) is a character in Silent Hill: The Arcade.



The Captain's photo.

Captain is Eric's great grandfather, and was the captain of the steamboat the Little Baroness before it vanished seventy-five years ago while it was sailing across Toluca Lake in 1918.

Captain was one of the few people who witnessed Hanna being thrown off of the boat before the boat vanished.

Since neither the ship nor the bodies of the passengers or crew were ever found, the fate of the Captain is unknown. It is unknown if he died or was stuck in limbo transcending time - either way, it's unlikely for him to still be alive in 1993.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

Captain appears to Eric and Tina in the Good ending. In the Good ending, Hanna is back on the boat, crying as the captain goes to comfort her. Hanna reunites with her mother, and Eric sees his great grandfather, the captain of the boat, nod to him just before the Little Baroness sails away, vanishing into the mist.

Silent Hill The Arcade UFO Ending

Silent Hill The Arcade UFO Ending

The UFO Ending.

In the UFO Ending, Eric is greeted by his great grandfather. Captain says that the UFO is his new ship, and that if Eric and Tina want Emilie and Hanna back, they will have to "come chasing after him... to the end of the universe!" Eric and Tina set off in another ship and chase after him. During the credits roll, Robbie the Rabbit is seen playing Gradius, in which Eric and Tina are flying after Captain's UFO.


  • The three yellow bands on Captain's uniform is the symbol worn by chief officers. A captain's jacket should have four yellow bands.
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