Forgiveness? You have the balls to ask me for FORGIVENESS? How can I possibly forgive you when you've destroyed everything I had left in this world? Every time I look at you, all I can see is his face. I only ever asked one thing of you, and that was to be a good father to our son. You failed me, Murphy. You failed me, and you failed Charlie, and now there's no way we'll ever have him back.
—Carol to Murphy, via letter

Carol Pendleton is Murphy Pendleton's ex-wife and mother of Charlie Pendleton. The couple's marriage fell apart after the death of their son, due to Carol blaming Murphy for being unable to protect their son from his killer.


Murphy comments that Carol is a very forgiving and loving person and that she was his best friend, as well as his wife. After Charlie's death, Carol blamed Murphy in her overwhelming grief and left him. In Murphy's "Execution" ending, she is seen crying.

Silent Hill: Downpour

While exploring Overlook Penitentiary, Murphy finds a letter written to him by Carol blaming him for the crumble of their marriage, and asking him to never speak to her again. The letter shows that Carol blames Murphy for Patrick Napier's attack on their son.

She makes her visual appearance in the game twice. The first time she is seen is in a flashback involving her and Murphy with a newborn Charlie by her side, and the second time has her present at Murphy's execution in the "Execution" ending. In this ending, it is stated by a reporter that Murphy killed his son to get back at Carol, but it can't be certain if that is indeed true. This ending, however, was confirmed to not be the canon ending in Anne's Story; instead, the "Truth and Justice" ending was confirmed to be the canon ending.


  • Murphy's comment on Carol is "You used to be my lover, my best friend, my wife. I've never truly understood how you could have forgiven me all for the things I did in my life before we met and even after. How you came to know me, see me for what I am and love me. Now I need your forgiveness more than ever as I can't forgive myself."


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