The Centennial Building is a location in Silent Hill that appears in Silent Hill: Downpour and Anne's Story. It is also called "Town Hall" and houses offices of the town mayor and other administration. It is located in Pearl Creek on Brite Street, and has five accessible floors including a basement which serves as a parking garage.

Building Floors


Possible purpose of each of the Centennial Building's floors.

  • 0 - Parking Area
  • 1 - Archive/Offices
  • 2 - Archive/Offices, Silent Hill Mayor's office is located here, part of the Video Archive is also located on this floor
  • 3 - 2nd word can be "Floor". "Offices" is written on the map, part of the Video Archive is located on this floor
  • 4 - Possibly "Dance Academy", could be a reference to Levin Street Dance Academy from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
  • 5 - Can be "School"
  • 6 - Could be "Chapel"
  • 7 - Can be "Gallery"
  • 8 - Restaurant
  • 9 - First word can be "Shop"
  • 11 - Unknown
  • 12 - Town Museum
  • 13 - Possibly "Exhibition Floor"
  • 14 - Possibly "Pharmacy"
  • 17 - Possibly "TV Lounge"
  • 18 - Radiostation

Silent Hill: Downpour

Murphy Pendleton must explore the building to meet with Bobby Ricks, who claims he knows a way out of town. Floors 1 through 3 are home to an extensive decrepit library. The only other accessible floor is 18; this is where Ricks hosts the radio station, WLMN FM.

Upon meeting, Murphy and Ricks have a short conversation about the nature of Silent Hill and Rick's place there. Shortly thereafter Murphy, Ricks and Anne Marie Cunningham (who interrupts their conversation in her pursuit of Murphy) are attacked by Screamers. Seemingly being the only one left alive after the attack, Murphy attempts to escape the building. After finding some diluent, he lights a pile of rags on fire with the lighter, which causes a transition to the Otherworld where the Void appears once again and chases Murphy. During the chase, obstacles such as cars and barrels fall from the ceiling, which may hurt and impede Murphy's progress. He escapes the Void by activating a fan which sucks the Void away.

After the chase, Murphy descends in an elevator ending in a suspended cage. The cage will move around through a prison-like setting, after which it crashes and Murphy must again run from the Void. The chase ends quickly, and Murphy must find a way forward amidst falling cages (sometimes containing Screamers), huge swinging blades and rapidly turning clock hands.

At the end of the Otherworld sequence, Murphy encounters a man in a wheelchair beyond a small staircase, but when he tries to approach him, the staircase turns into a ramp causing Murphy to slide, somehow ending up hanging from the hands of the giant clock at the top of the clock tower. He hangs on for dear life, but loses grip of the hand as it ticks once. Seeming to have fallen to his death, he instead awakens on a park bench in front of the clock tower unscathed but startled.



"Welcome to Shepherd's Glen"


Fog World



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