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Central Silent Hill is the main business district of the town of Silent Hill and is located just east of Old Silent Hill (on the other side of the river that separates the two districts) and north of the Resort Area. It is located in Paleville.

Made primarily for the use of tourists, Central Silent Hill also acts as the economic center for the whole town and the entire region around it. Many small shops and stores, offices, various public services (including some banks, a general hospital, the post office and the Silent Hill Police Station), a big shopping mall, and many famous but notable touristic destinations such as the Artaud Theater, restaurants, motels, some parks, and also some hotels, including the famous Grand Hotel are found here. In its heyday, this area would have seen a lot of families on vacation and business people on trips, giving the town a big boost to its economy.


Silent Hill: Origins

Central Silent Hill in Origins.

In Silent Hill: Origins, a truck driver named Travis Grady arrives in Central Silent Hill, looking for Alchemilla Hospital, where he believes a young girl he rescued in a house fire has been taken. Later, he also is able to visit other notable landmarks of the town, including Cedar Grove Sanitarium, the Artaud Theater, and the Riverside Motel. Travis is the first person (chronologically) to experience the Otherworld version of Silent Hill's streets.

Silent Hill

Central Silent Hill in Silent Hill.

In Silent Hill, Harry Mason explores the district in his efforts to find his missing daughter Cheryl. Harry arrives here from Old Silent Hill by crossing the Bloch-Sagan Bridge which connects Old Silent Hill with Central Silent Hill, on his way to investigate Alchemilla Hospital. Later, he also visits the Otherworld's Silent Hill Town Center, searching for clues about his daughter's fate.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Central Silent Hill as of 2007.

Central Silent Hill as of 2007.

In Silent Hill: Homecoming, Alex Shepherd visits Central Silent Hill three times, once in a dream and twice physically. The dream takes place in Alchemilla Hospital, where Alex finds his little brother Joshua.

Later, Alex finds himself outside the Grand Hotel before returning to Shepherd's Glen.

With Elle Holloway and Deputy Wheeler, Alex takes a boat from Shepherd's Glen to Silent Hill. When he arrives in Silent Hill, members of the Order kidnap Elle and Wheeler, leaving Alex to search for them. He investigates various buildings, including the Overlook Penitentiary, the Church of the Holy Way, and the lair of the cult.

Silent Hill: Homecoming changes

Silent Hill: Homecoming features access to Central Silent Hill; however, this time it has a somewhat different layout than in other games. The whole region of Central Silent Hill is much smaller in size (in terms of area's scale) than in the previous games. These changes may have occurred only in the Fog World, known for its tendency to alter the town's layout depending on the personality of the player. Silent Hill: Downpour clearly establishes, for example, that the Overlook Penitentiary doesn't belong to Central Silent Hill, but that the town placed it here as a consequence of Alex Shepherd's visiting the town. This is affirmed by producer Tomm Hulett. [1]

During the visit of Alex Shepherd, Central Silent Hill manifested some changes.

  • The shoreline of Toluca Lake has significantly receded inland on the east side.
  • The Silent Hill Town Center has been replaced by Dargento Cemetery.
  • Sagan Street has been divided in half by buildings so that the western half is now a cul-de-sac.
  • Koontz Street is significantly shorter and ends perpendicular with Canyon Street.
  • The Artaud Theater, Acadia Road, the Greenfield Apartments and the Public Records no longer exist as the land on which they were on is now underwater.
  • In place of the Cafe Sun and Green Pharmacy are Toluca Lake Water and Power and Koontz Limited.
  • The northern-most half of Wein Street was integrated into east Sagan Street while the southern half is completely absent along with the buildings east of it, including the Artaud Theater.
  • Romantic Journey, The Mirage, Grand Master Book Store, Tea Room, and DYNA were replaced by an illusion of Overlook Penitentiary.

The following new structures have been erected in Central Silent Hill.

The Church of the Holy Way is the town's main church and is run by the Order. Beneath it is the lair, buried deep within an old mine. The mine's inherent dangers are likely the reason why Order members wear mining suits to protect themselves. The lair is used to torture and kill those who do not see eye-to-eye with the Order itself, and is also the location used for ritualistic sacrifice by some. Several vats are filled to the brim with blood, but for no known reason. At least three major characters have been known to have been brought here - Alex Shepherd, Elle Holloway, and Deputy Wheeler. At least one Bogeyman appears to have originated from within the lair on its way to execute someone, as well.

The Overlook Penitentiary is a correctional facility located at the intersections of Sagan and Simmons. At some point in the past, Alex Shepherd's father Adam was brought here with several deputies to cull a riot, only to remain there for six days before returning. Adam never once spoke about the ordeal afterwards. Once one of the many safe zones for members of the Order, it has become overrun with monsters in recent times, which have slaughtered most of those within. The Otherworld variation of this location has an underground tunnel system that leads directly to an execution chamber, which has a window with a pathway on the other side that leads to the Toluca Lake Offices.

Toluca Lake Offices stand in an advanced state of decay and is succumbing to the ravages of nature. One former survivor was sliced in half here, likely due to being trapped in a room where half the wall was broken open and the only two doors were barricaded, with one being locked and the other being boarded up. It has a hallway that leads directly into Toluca Lake Water and Power's basement.

Toluca Lake Water and Power is an incredibly noisy place and is the supplier of energy to most of Central Silent Hill. It should be noted, however, that streetlights operate as normal past the barricade set up on Sagan Street after Alex has shut down the generators in the Water and Power building. Where that area of Central Silent Hill receives its electricity from is unknown. A building, aptly named Koontz Limited, is located across the street from Water and Power. It seems likely that this is where steam is derived to power the turbines used in electricity generation.

The Grand Hotel is located in Central Silent Hill. This hotel was featured first in the film then introduced in Homecoming.

The Dargento Cemetery is an old cemetery within Silent Hill, located across the street from Overlook Penitentiary. It is known for its statue of Janus. In recent times, Smogs have begun to move into the location, although no other monster has seemed particularly interested in the small location.

The Silent Hill Docks are located on the far east end of Central Silent Hill, on the east side of Sagan Street, opposite of the Dargento Cemetary, and it is built right on the shores of Toluca Lake.


Silent Hill Police Station - The headquarters of the Silent Hill police force. It is here they ran their ultimately ineffective war on Order-related drug trafficking. It is located on the corner of Crichton and Sagan.

Silent Hill Town Center – A shopping mall located in the northwestern section of Central Silent Hill on Simmons Street. Dahlia Gillespie’s antiques store (and secret chapel) is next door to the mall.

Alchemilla Hospital is the town's main hospital, originally run by Dr. Michael Kaufmann. It is located in Central Silent Hill on the corner of Crichton and Koontz. The hospital served as a front for the production and distribution of White Claudia, and Alessa Gillespie was once a patient there. This place is a major location within the games and is visited frequently.

Green Lion Antiques/"Other Church" is Dahlia's business/base of operations for the Order, located in the farther northeastern corner of the map on Simmons Street.

Andy's Books is a bookstore located on Koontz Street, in front of Alchemilla Hospital, seen in Silent Hill and Silent Hill: Origins.

The Family Butcher is a butcher shop located on the corner of Low St. and Toluca Ave. Travis Grady passes through here on his way to the Cedar Grove Sanitarium.

Artaud Theater can be found on the western edge of Koontz Street.

Riverside Motel is one of the many motels in the tourist area of Silent Hill located on Riverside Dr. and is another place visited by Travis that contains painful memories of his childhood.

Greenfield Apartments is an apartment complex situated in the far north of Acadia Road.

Cedar Grove Sanitarium is the second mental institution of Silent Hill, found on Acadia Road. Travis's mother was interned there.

A lumber yard can be found on Midway Ave.

Other businesses

Crichton St.

  • Hobby America
  • Wild & Cool
  • Chinese Art Goods
  • Konami Burger is located on the side of the same building as Chinese Art Goods, and has a serving window and a patio where people can eat.
  • Post Office
  • Just Cats

Koontz St.

  • Dai Dai Restaurant
  • Nail Nail Nail - Apparently a place to get one's nails done. The sign says "Sue" in small letters at the top.
  • Top Sales - There are two Top Sales stores in Silent Hill. The other is located in Old Silent Hill.
  • Cafe Sun is a cafe with outdoor seating and umbrellas. A health drink can be found on one of the tables.
  • Green Pharmacy

Wilson St.

  • Tramps Bar
  • Sky Toys
  • Downtown Fashion Center
  • Flowers on Lexington
  • Salmon - They apparently sell salmon here, and the sign promises that they are fresh.
  • Cafe
  • Son Corp. 366
  • Hot Dog
  • A Moveable Feast

Simmons St.

  • Tea Room
  • Grand Master Book Store
  • The Mirage
  • Romantic Journey
  • Vivre
  • Old Town Antiques is the second antique shop in Silent Hill.
  • The Andy Shop - Not to be confused with Andy's Books.
  • FAA is a reference to the movie 12 Monkeys.
  • Mushnik's Florist is modeled after the shop in Little Shop of Horrors. Upon closer inspection, a sign in the window advertises their newest plant, Audrey Jr.
  • Marigold has posters outside for the movie Carrie.
  • Parking Garage
  • Steak & Brew Burger
  • VOWO - It's not certain what exactly VOWO sells. Two of their trucks can be seen in Old Silent Hill behind the Hell Gas Station, where some ammunition can also be found.
  • Buffalo Chief
  • Moondance Disco - A possible homage to the Moondance Diner.
  • 30 Records
  • Hardware
  • Rugs and Carpets
  • Rollies Dress Shop
  • SH Sale Store
  • S&W Bank
  • Nathan's Convenience Store
  • Ann Black

Sagan St

  • The Car
  • Market A
  • Galaxy IWAI
  • Loggia
  • No. 1 Foto in 1 Ora is apparently a photo shop offering one hour photo prints.
  • Contempo Casual - A clothing store.
  • Fans - Casual Fashion since 1987 - Another clothing store.
  • Noltemi & Co.
  • Wind
  • Theater 3 is the local movie theater in Central Silent Hill. "Crusher Dan", "Ezekiel", and "Shoot" are playing.
  • Discount Variety
  • Toluca Lake Bait Shop



Silent Hill: Origins

Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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