Chang Ch'ien

The yellowed page found in Green Lion Antiques.

Chang Ch'ien (張騫) is a figure referenced in Silent Hill: Origins as being the first in recorded history to have used the Flauros, an object of importance in both Origins and Silent Hill. A yellowed page regarding him and the Flauros' historical background can be found on a tableside in Green Lion Antiques.


"Flauros Device: Origin unknown.
The device is first mentioned in the
poetry of Chang Ch'ien, an advisor
to members of the early Han
dynasty. In one of his tracts, Chang
Ch'ien jokes he trapped a demon
inside his 'three-sided box'.
When Chang Ch'ien died in a
terrible fire at the imperial palace
in 115 BC, the device appeared
It was later rumored to be in
possession of Lutheran monk M. G.
Lewis, who in 1796 spoke of its
ability to control and amplify
thought. It was Lewis who linked it
not to a demon, but to God
himself, claiming it was a weapon
left by angels as a force for good."


  • In actuality, a Chang Ch'ien truly existed. It's rather likely the historical figure is the basis for, if not the same as, the Chang Ch'ien referenced in Origins.
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